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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Rodney Harrison

Rodney Harrison blasts Jeff Fisher over dirty plays

The Minnesota Vikings aren’t the only ones who feel like the St. Louis Rams were intentionally playing dirty on Sunday. Rodney Harrison knows all about it because he’s seen it before. The former Pro Bowl defensive back and current NBC Sports analyst said on “Football Night in America” Sunday that the Rams’ actions against the…Read More

Rodney Harrison: RG3 is criticized because he’s ‘a jerk’

Rodney Harrison called Robert Griffin III a “jerk” in a Chicago radio interviewer this week when asked why he gets more criticism than Kirk Cousins. Harrison, appearing on Spiegel & Goff, was asked why Griffin faced more backlash for his poor play when Cousins hasn’t been much better since taking over as Washington’s starter. “Well…Read More

Matthew Stafford responds to Rodney Harrison

Matthew Stafford responded to Rodney Harrison Monday, a day after the NBC analyst called out the Detroit Lions for failing to step up and defend the quarterback following a late hit. Stafford was pushed out of bounds on the Lions’ sidelines during Sunday’s loss to the Vikings, leading to a 15-yard penalty for Minnesota’s Anthony…Read More

Rodney Harrison responds to Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning stinks in playoffs

Rodney Harrison has a very simple explanation for why his New England Patriots were able to defeat Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs multiple times, and it has nothing to do with illegally spying on the opposing team. On Thursday, former Colts coach Tony Dungy confirmed that Manning used to be suspicious…Read More

Rodney Harrison: Tom Brady will ‘make everybody pay’ for Deflategate

Tom Brady may or may not be partially responsible for the New England Patriots playing with slightly under-inflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game, but there is one wrinkle to the story that has not received much attention to this point — will the defending champions come out with their hair on fire in 2015?…Read More

Rodney Harrison: Patriots being targeted, but they bring it on themselves

Rodney Harrison has used his status as an NFL analyst to defend his former team on several occasions in the past, but he didn’t exactly fight for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s reputation while discussing Deflategate. During an appearance on NBC Sports Radio’s “Going Deep” with Amani Toomer and Dan Schwartzman on Friday, Harrison…Read More

Rodney Harrison rips Rob Gronkowski ‘You need to grow up’

Rob Gronkowski’s shirtless dancing after the Super Bowl loss has become one of the biggest postgame stories. Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison joined The Waddle & Silvy Show Wednesday and was told about the incident by the hosts. Harrison says that was the first he had heard about it, and he did not respond well….Read More

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