Shannon Sharpe has pro response for question about Tony Gonzalez replacing him

Shannon Sharpe CBSIt’s bad enough to lose your job, period. It stings even more when the person who is taking your spot on TV is the same guy who also took your spot in NFL history as the top receiving tight end in history (in terms of career stats). But Shannon Sharpe is handling things like a pro.

Sharpe answered many questions on Twitter Tuesday, the same day it was announced that he and Dan Marino would be leaving CBS’ “The NFL Today” in favor of Tony Gonzalez. One question was about how it felt to lose his job to Gonzalez, which has to be a sore spot. Sharpe had a good attitude about it and didn’t let on that he was bothered.

Sharpe also maintains positive feelings for CBS.

I’ll be honest — I’ve always felt CBS’ pregame show was sub-par and that Sharpe and Marino were two of the biggest reasons why, so I think this is a good move for them. But I really have to commend Sharpe for his positive attitude. It’s never easy losing your job, particularly to the same guy who surpasses you on the career receptions and receptions yards records for a tight end.

Tony Gonzalez joining CBS NFL broadcast; Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out

Tony GonzalezIt would appear that Tony Gonzalez is committed to retiring from football this time around, as CBS announced on Tuesday that he will join the network’s NFL broadcast during the 2014 season. Gonzalez will contribute to Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” in addition to working with “The NFL Today.”

Gonzalez’s arrival signals a major shake-up for CBS, as Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe will be leaving the network. Gonzalez will work alongside James Brown, Bill Cowher and Boomer Esiason.

“While we welcome Tony, we want to acknowledge Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe who have contributed greatly to the success of THE NFL TODAY for more than a decade,” CBS Chariman Sean McManus said in a statement. “Dan and Shannon are true Hall of Famers on the field and in front of the camera. As they pursue other professional opportunities, we thank them for their hard work and dedication and wish them nothing but the best.”

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, CBS made the decision to drop Marino and Sharpe and they did not choose to leave.

We have every reason to expect that Gonzalez, who has always been regarded as one of the classiest players in the NFL, will transition seamlessly from player to analyst. He has offered some controversial takes on the NFL’s new head shot rules, which apparently did not scare the folks at CBS away.

You mean to tell me this exchange is one of the last things we will remember from the Marino-Sharpe era at CBS? That’s a shame.

Shannon Sharpe rips on QBs without rings in front of Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason

Dan-MarinoDan Marino is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Boomer Esiason wasn’t bad, either. The one knock on Marino is that he was never able to win a Super Bowl, and the same is true for Esiason. During the CBS pregame show before the Denver Broncos took on the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, Shannon Sharpe reminded his colleagues of that.

The panel was discussing whether or not Super Bowl championships validate greatness. Perhaps forgetting that he was sitting beside a Hall of Famer who never won a ring, Sharpe chimed in.

“For a quarterback, at the end of the day, you don’t even get to enter this discussion if you don’t have a championship,” Sharpe stated emphatically. “I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.”

Oops. Marino then admitted that a Super Bowl trophy is the one thing he never captured, saying “I wish I had that feeling.” He also pointed out that Esiason walked off the field with a lead in Super Bowl 23 and would have won a championship if one of his Cincinnati Bengals teammates didn’t drop an interception. Sharpe then backpedaled.

“One more thing,” he interrupted. “Let’s not get carried away — there’s a lot of guys that have Super Bowl rings that are lesser quarterbacks than Dan Marino. So let’s not just say, ‘Oh, he won a Super Bowl…'”

Sharpe had a point. Championships are the ultimate measuring stick, especially when statistics vary so much from generation to generation (see: All the dudes who threw for over 4,000 yards the past two seasons). Sharpe just happened to make his point at an awkward moment, which made for extremely uncomfortable television.

Video via Awful Announcing

Shannon Sharpe blasts Dolphins for letting Richie Incognito use n-word (Video)

Shannon Sharpe CBSShannon Sharpe spoke powerfully about the Miami Dolphins and Richie Incognito situation on Sunday during the CBS NFL pregame show “The NFL Today,” blasting the team for allowing the lineman to use the n-word.

Sharpe said flat-out that he doesn’t believe the Dolphins are telling the truth about Incognito and that they are saying what they think people want to hear.

“From what I’m hearing from the Dolphins, from what I’ve read in the paper, I don’t believe they’re telling the truth,” Sharpe said.

Sharpe then struck out against the culture he believes the team “allowed to flourish” in the locker room. Specifically, Sharpe explained how powerful the n-word is and how he can’t believe the team’s players allowed Incognito to use the epithet. He also said “there’s no such thing” as someone being an “honorary” black man, which is what one former Dolphins player reportedly said to describe the situation.

The n-word is often used in a casual way from one person to another black person, which is supposedly how Incognito was using it. Warren Sapp even says Incognito call him it during a game. Some feel — and some in the Dolphins locker room believe — that Incognito had a pass to use the word. Sharpe explains why he and many others feel it’s an unacceptable term.

Full Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin history:

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Shannon Sharpe rips Bill Belichick for skipping postgame interview

bill belichick hoodieBill Belichick’s reputation for being a poor sport precedes him, but that didn’t stop Shannon Sharpe from calling out the coach after the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

According to NFL on CBS host James Brown, Belichick declined an interview with the network following New England’s 28-13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Sharpe unloaded on Belichick for the poor show.

“There’s something to be said about being gracious in defeat,” Sharpe said. “We’ve seen the New England Patriots five times in the last 12 years be victorious. And we’ve seen the opposing coaches that lost come out and talk to our Steve Tasker. Coach Cowher did it when [the Steelers] lost to them. We saw this last week [when the Patriots beat the Texans].

“Bill Belichick makes it real easy for you to root against the Patriots. You can’t be a poor sport all the time. You’re not gonna win all the time. And he does this every time he loses. It is unacceptable.”

Sharpe is absolutely correct with his analysis. Belichick has been doing this for years. He ditched his interview with NBC after losing the Super Bowl to the Giants last year, and he grabbed a referee after being upset following a Patriots loss to the Ravens earlier this season. Belichick was the only coach who blew off the media at owners meetings in 2011. He skipped handshakes when he was coaching the Cleveland Browns.

Belichick is just a poor sport who doesn’t like to lose or work with the media. He does make the Patriots unlikable. What Belichick needs to realize is that you can’t win all the time, so it is important to be somewhat gracious in defeat.

As for Sharpe, though his analysis of Belichick was right on, he needs to work on his balance. I don’t recall him saying anything about Peyton Manning declining an interview with CBS last weekend, nor did he say anything about his brother, Sterling, being inaccessible to the media during his career.

Video via The Big Lead, transcription via Pro Football Talk

Shannon Sharpe Campaigned for Brother Sterling’s Hall of Fame Candidacy

Shannon Sharpe delivered a powerful speech during his Hall of Fame induction ceremony Saturday in Canton. Sharpe talked about growing up poor and how it motivated him to work as hard as possible. He gave thanks to his grandmother for helping to raise him properly. He also spent part of his speech committing a selfless act. Shannon campaigned for his brother Sterling’s Hall of Fame candidacy.

“My big brother Sterling. I’m the only player of 267 men that’s walked through this building to my left, that can honestly say this: I’m the only pro football player in the Hall of Fame, and I’m the second best player in my own family,” Shannon said, moving his brother to tears. “If fate had dealt you a different hand, there is absolutely no question in my mind we would have been the first brothers to be elected to the Hall of Fame.

“The 44 men and women that I thanked and congratulated earlier for giving me and bestowing this prestigious honor upon me, all I do is ask all, I can do is ask … that next time you go into that room or you start making a list, look at Sterling Sharpe’s accomplishments for a seven-year period. Of the guys that’s in the Hall of Fame at the receiver position, and the guys that have the potential to be in this building … that’s all I ask. The next time you go in that room, you think about Sterling Sharpe’s numbers for seven years. That’s all I ask.”

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