Stefon Diggs apologizes for Jeremy Lin tweet, closes Twitter account

Maryland recruit Stefon Diggs began feeling backlash ever since we posted about his offensive Jeremy Lin tweet Thursday night. Diggs apologized for the comment and promptly closed his Twitter account until the fall.

“A lot of people feel some type a way about my tweet. I sincerely didn’t mean anything by it,” Diggs wrote on his account, which has been deleted. “I apologize to those who I offended.”

After complaining that people had taken his tweet out of context and were judging his character, he said he would be closing his account.

“In conclusion I will avoid all future situation like this by not tweeting at all. This situation can be viewed in many different ways. I honestly didn’t mean anything by it.

“LAST TWEET … goodbye twitter see you in the fall.”

And like that, he was gone.

People may think it’s unfair to go after a high school kid, but what’s unfair is the people who bring racial stereotypes into the Jeremy Lin conversation. This is probably a good thing for Diggs. He’s learning at a young age to be careful when it comes to sensitive subjects, and at least he has plenty of time to change his reputation.

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Maryland recruit Stefon Diggs thinks we need to get off Jeremy Lin’s ‘egg roll and dumplings’

Stefon Diggs is one of the most prized recruits Maryland has landed in years. The All-Met Defensive Player of the Year pleased local fans by announcing two weeks ago his plans to play for his hometown school. Now he’s making some noise with a questionable tweet about Jeremy Lin.

Yup, the Terps should be proud to know they have a budding comedian who dabbles in racially offensive areas. How do we know Lin wouldn’t prefer his manly region to be called franks and beans instead?

I’m sure Diggs missed the whole Jason Whitlock affair otherwise he would have gone with the generic “get off his nuts” commentary. No doubt he’ll be hearing from the Terps’ compliance director when he arrives on campus.

Thanks to Robert Neagli for the tip