Bud Adams acknowledges Titans are overspending, says he is fine with it

Bud-Adams-TitansThe Tennessee Titans have been one of the most active teams in free agency this offseason. As we learned from their uninspiring 6-10 season in 2012, the Titans need help in a lot of areas. However, they are already being criticized for spending recklessly and overpaying for certain free agents.

Tennessee has signed offensive lineman Andy Levitre (six years, $46.8 million), tight end Delanie Walker (four years, $17.5 million), defensive tackle Sammie Lee Hill (three years, $11.4 million), running back Shonn Greene (three years, $10 million) and linebacker Moise Fokou (two years, $2.8 million). The Titans have been incredibly aggressive, but owner Bud Adams said he is perfectly fine with the approach.

“We want the right players, that’s the main thing. We have to get the players we know can perform and make us look like we’re a tough team to play against again,” he said on Thursday, via The Tennessean. “(GM) Ruston (Webster) knows how I feel about this thing now. … He is getting the job done.

“There are certain guys we may have to pay a little more than they should maybe be getting, but I want to win. … We may have to pay some more money, but I’m in. I’m ready to go with it.”

Adams is 90 years old, so from a personal standpoint he doesn’t exactly have time on his side if he wants to see his team become a contender again. The Titans have spent more than $90 million on free agents this offseason, but none of that will matter unless they contend for a playoff spot. Adams certainly doesn’t want to have to have any more discussions like this with the team next season.

“I may have a heart attack if we don’t,” he joked. “I just had my 90th birthday and somebody asked me, ‘Adams, how long are you going to stay at this thing?’ I said ‘I’ve made it 90, so I might as well go to 100.’ And I’d like to get in the playoffs and see some winning football over that stretch, too.”

I doubt the fans are upset to see their team spending so freely. Money doesn’t always turn into victories, but the Titans certainly couldn’t sit on their hands. Have their overdone it? Time will tell, but at least the man who’s writing the checks is on board with the approach.

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Chris Johnson is tired of ‘all these subtractions and no additions’ from Titans

Following a disappointing 6-10 season, the Tennessee Titans decided to stick with Mike Munchak as their head coach. Other than the second-year coach, who has led the Titans to a 15-17 record in his first two seasons as the man in charge, it appears that no one on the Tennessee coaching staff is safe.

Since the offseason began for, the team has fired running backs coach Jim Skipper, special teams coach Alan Lowry, linebackers coach Frank Bush and tight ends coach John Zernhelt. It sounds like all of the house-cleaning has frustrated running back Chris Johnson.

Coincidentally (or not), Johnson’s tweet came just a short time after it was reported that Chip Kelly has agreed to become the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Perhaps CJBarely1K is jealous that other teams are beginning exciting new eras while the Titans continue to fire their staff members without making any new hirings.

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Titans owner Bud Adams seems ready to fire Mike Munchak

mike-munchakThe Tennessee Titans were destroyed 55-7 by the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, and the team’s latest brutal loss may cost head coach Mike Munchak his job.

Titans owner Bud Adams said on Sunday he was so disgusted by the game that he turned off the TV before the game ended. He also sounded like a man prepared to fire Munchak.

“I like Mike, I really do,” Adams told The Tennesseean Sunday. “But liking him and getting the job done are two different things,” Adams said. “If he is not getting the job done, that is what I have to find out. Right now, we are not looking very good. Something is wrong and I want to find out what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.”

The Titans are rebuilding with second-year player Jake Locker at quarterback. Locker was 13-for-30 for 140 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. Adams says the offensive line was problematic.

“[Locker] didn’t have a chance,” Adams said. “They were on him like a dog on a cat. He was kind of fighting for his life.”

Adams told The Tennesseean he plans to talk with Munchak and the front office after the season before making any decisions. He wants to find out what Munchak thinks is wrong with the team. He also says he hears complaints from fans and empathizes with them.

“I’ll be 90 years old on my next birthday on January 3. I am in good health, but it is a chore to fly up to Nashville and when I get up there I don’t like to see them play poorly. The fans are not happy with me. I need to figure out what I need to do to make things work and see if changes need to be made.”

Munchak heard about Adams’ comments, and he hopes the owner will show patience with the team.

“You can’t lose perspective of the fact that sometimes it takes a little longer to build something than one season or a season-and-a-half,” Munchak said Monday, per The Tennessean. “We’ve had one offseason here since I have been head coach, so we haven’t had a lot of time with the players. We have a short period of time to fix it, but I feel very confident that we will.

“But I feel good about how we are going to get there, and it will be up to Mr. Adams to see if he agrees with me.”

You may recall that Adams put the entire organization on notice last month following the team’s embarrassing 51-20 home loss to the Bears. Between that defeat and this one, I think we know which direction Adams is leaning. Get ready to return to assistant coach life, Munch.

Michael Roos apologizes to Titans fans for ‘crappy’ game

The Tennessee Titans were hammered by the Green Bay Packers 55-7 on Sunday. There isn’t much to say after a game like that, and about the only thing a player can do is apologize. That’s exactly what Pro Bowl offensive lineman Michael Roos did.

michael-roosRoos surprisingly received support from Titans fans who stood by the team despite the brutal loss. And even though his team got crushed, Roos maintained a decent sense of humor and even enjoyed a Jets joke someone else made on Twitter.

The Titans are in a rebuilding year and letting 2011 first-round pick Jake Locker start at quarterback. He has 10 touchdowns and 11 interceptions while going 3-6 in his first season as a starter. Fans can endure a rebuilding process, but it’s difficult to see your team get blown out in games. Tennessee went 1-4 in its first five games and was outscored 140-44 in those losses. They had a disastrous 51-20 home loss to the Bears in Week 9, and now this 55-7 defeat. Owner Bud Adams put the team on notice last month and, after a loss like this, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him move forward with changes.

Bud Adams puts Titans organization on notice after embarrassing loss

The Tennessee Titans were trounced by the Chicago Bears 51-20 on Sunday in one of the most embarrassing losses of the season. They committed five turnovers, had a punt blocked for a touchdown, and an interception returned for a touchdown. They gave up three touchdown passes from Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall. They were down 28-2 after one quarter, and they were down 51-12 at one point. The game was going so badly that LBS writer Steve DelVecchio said over Twitter that the team should refund the fans. Apparently team owner Bud Adams felt similarly.

“In my 50 years of owning an NFL franchise, I am at a loss to recall a regular season home game that was such a disappointment for myself, and fans of the Titans,” Adams told The Tennessean. “We were grossly outcoached and outplayed from start to finish today.

“At this time, all aspects of the organization will be closely evaluated, including front office, coaches and players over the next seven games. If performance and competitiveness does not improve, I will look at all alternatives to get back to having the Titans become a playoff and championship football team.”

Things were so bad that mostly only Bears fans remained by the end of the game. Even Adams couldn’t stand to watch the disaster — he left in the third quarter.

The Tennessean has quotes from many other frustrated players, including Sen’Derrick Marks and Derrick Morgan.

Second-year coach Mike Munchak said after the game to put the blame on him for the loss, but we don’t think he heard his owner’s comments at that point. It probably doesn’t matter, because his fate will probably be the same. With the Titans at 3-6 and coming off a loss this bad, Adams will probably want to make a coaching change. And let’s be real about this too: Adams isn’t exactly the best owner around.

Chris Johnson: Titans are not close to being a good team

If the Titans are looking for words of encouragement in the wake of their uninspiring 1-4 start, they aren’t going to get them from the highest-paid player on their team. Chris Johnson has contributed more to the problem than the solution this year in Tennessee, and he doesn’t sound like a player who is expecting his team to turn things around any time soon.

“I don’t believe we’re close right now,” Johnson said Monday according to 247 Sports’ Titan Insider. “You look at the games and how we’re playing, we don’t look like a good team. I wouldn’t sit here and say we’re close.”

With the exception of the Titans’ Week 4 loss to the Texans where he racked up a bunch of yards in garbage time, CJNoK has been horrendous. he is averaging less than three yards per carry and has failed to break the 25-yard mark on the ground in four of five games. The offensive line is to blame for much of it — as C.J. has been quick to point out — but Johnson is not running with any type of purpose or determination.

“We need somebody in this locker room to make plays and give us a spark,” he said. “I feel like I’ve made some plays, but the situation of a spark has got to come from somewhere and getting a spark that can be big for this team.”

If by “some plays” he means a play or two that didn’t matter, then I suppose that’s accurate. The Titans have been blown out in their four losses and have looked sad on both sides of the ball. A running back can’t do much without an offensive line, but you would think someone who makes claims like this and who is paid as handsomely as Johnson is would attempt to be a leader.

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Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray: Don’t worry about fines, blow someone up

The Titans defense has struggled mightily this season, and defensive coordinator Jerry Gray is not happy about it. Tennessee’s pass defense ranks 27th in the NFL and has allowed opponents to throw for 285 yards per game through the first four weeks. Gray sees this as a reflection of his players not protecting the middle of the field, and he wants them to do so without worrying about getting fined.

“If you are worrying about that, you are not going to go out and try and blow the guy up,” Gray said Thursday according to the Tennesseean. “Great football players have to put that out of their mind. You have to say, ‘This is my territory between the numbers, and if you throw the football you better bring the Gator truck. And that’s how you have to play. You can’t play timid in the NFL.”

By referring to the Gator truck, Gray is talking about the green cart that comes out to take a player who is seriously injured off the field. In the wake of the Saints bounty scandal, that is obviously a poor choice of words when his intention was to tell his players they need to toughen up.

As Pro Football Talk pointed out, Gray used to work under Gregg Williams. If you have to tell your players to injure opponents and not worry about fines, do it at a time when you aren’t going to be quoted in the local newspaper for saying it. With the NFL placing an emphasis on player safety — or at least attempting to — coaches need to work harder than ever to keep stuff like this private.