Vin Scully tells a story about Torii Hunter’s dad and a crack pipe (Video)

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Vin ScullyOne of the qualities about Vin Scully that separates him from every other broadcaster out there — you know, besides his literary allusions, great cadence and pleasant and smooth call — is his storytelling ability. You could give the same background information about a player to 10 different broadcasters, and Scully would just be able to make it sound so much better than the others. And even when he’s telling a story about crack pipes, he still makes it sound great.

During the Los Angeles Dodgers-Detroit Tigers game on Tuesday, Scully was talking about Torii Hunter and told a story about Hunter’s father being a crack addict. The story went that Hunter’s father wore his son’s jacket and left a crack pipe in the pocket, and the pipe fell out of the pocket in a classroom after Torii wore the jacket to school. But the way Scully tells it … man, he is just so good.

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Vin Scully can’t even watch the Dodgers on TV

Vin ScullyVin Scully can’t even watch the Los Angeles Dodgers on TV, and that’s not even an exaggeration or joke.

This is probably more of a regional issue for LA people, so you might not be aware of what’s going on. Time Warner Cable bought the TV rights to the Dodgers and created a sports channel for the team which began airing its games this season. Previously, the Dodgers were on cable channels that were available on all cable providers, such as FOX Sports West/Prime Ticket, or over-the-air channels. But the new channel created by Time Warner — SportsNet LA — is only available on Time Warner Cable.

That means anyone in SoCal who has DirecTV, Dish Network, Comcast, Cox, Charter, Uverse and FiOS — which makes up about 70 percent of the market — cannot get Dodgers games on TV. What’s worse is that even if you buy an MLB.tv subscription, the games are still blacked out for you.

The huge irony is that the voice and face of the Dodgers himself, Vin Scully, can’t even get the team’s games on TV. Yes, the LA Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth revealed that Scully is a DirecTV subscriber.

Scully is now 86 and only travels to road games within the division. So if he wants to watch his team play when they’re out on the East Coast, he’s screwed just like everyone else in LA.

How long before this gets resolved? That’s what everyone is wondering.

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Vin Scully calmly calls earthquake in Los Angeles (Video)

Vin ScullyLos Angeles on Friday was hit with yet another sizable earthquake, but those who were watching the spring training Freeway Series game between the Dodgers and Angels had nothing to worry about because they had Vin Scully to calm them.

As you can see in the video, the cameras began to shake and couldn’t produce a steady picture while the 5.1 quake was going. The epicenter of the quake was said to be in La Habra, which is about 25 miles southeast of Dodger Stadium. That was close enough for everyone to feel it throughout the press area, according to Scully.

But it was nothing more than a “little tremor” to him.

In his typical style, Vin then transitioned into a story about the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco that delayed the 1989 World Series. He always knows how to make those great historical tie-ins.

Vin Scully met a koala in Australia


Vin Scully has traveled to Australia with the Los Angeles Dodgers for their weekend series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and it already appears that he has immersed himself in the culture. One of the first things Scully did on his trip was meet a koala, which I must say is exactly what I would have done.

“Shut down the internet,” the Dodgers wrote on their official Twitter account alongside the photo.

I wouldn’t go that far. Remember, the internet somehow survived a photo of Tommy Lasorda chilling with a famous rapper at a Dodgers game. I think it can handle Scully almost holding a koala.

Vin Scully really did race Jackie Robinson on ice skates

vin-scullyDuring a Los Angeles Dodgers broadcast back in May of 2012, legendary announcer Vin Scully told a short story about the time he raced Jackie Robinson on ice skates. Scully, who fancies himself an avid skater, said he took a trip to a resort with Jackie and his wife Rachel when he decided to go skating. Jackie offered to go with him, though he had never been on ice skates.

“Now Jackie’s putting his skates on alongside me in the dressing room and he says, ‘When we get out there I’d like to race you,’” Scully recalled. “I said, ‘Jack, I didn’t know you ice skated. You’re from southern California, I knew football and baseball but I didn’t know ice skating.’ Jackie said, ‘I’ve never been on skates in my life.’

“So I started to laugh and said, ‘Hey, Jack, let’s face it — I’m not a great skater but I can skate.’ He said, ‘I know. I want to race you because that’s how I’m going to learn.’ If you’ve never been on skates before, the first thing you do is walk on your ankles. And, sure enough, he was running on his ankles on the ice trying to beat me.”

Scully may have been 85 years old at the time he shared that story, but this is a man who still very much has his wits about him. And now, we have photo proof.

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Vin Scully: Brian Wilson’s beard reminded me of Smith Brothers cough drops

Brian Wilson Smith Brothers

Vin Scully truly is one of a kind.

The legendary Dodgers announcer regularly brings up the level of sports broadcasting with his combination of historical references, poetic language, and masterful storytelling. On Monday night, the 85-year-old broadcaster sent fans scrambling to their search engines to understand one of his references.

Per Pedro Moura and others on Twitter, Scully said that Dodgers relief pitcher Brian Wilson reminded him of a Smith Bros cough drop box:

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Vin Scully doesn’t understand hashtags or Dog TV (Video)

Vin Scully was in peak form on Wednesday night when doing a read to promote a Twitter poll.

Prime Ticket wanted fans to say whether they preferred watching games in a hitter’s or pitcher’s park, and the fans were asked to vote using a hashtag. The result was a fantastic rant by the legendary 85-year-old Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster, who wondered aloud what the heck a hashtag was.

“Can I ask you an honest question? What in the world is ‘hashtag?’” asked Scully.

The true golden part of Scully’s comments came when he segued into a rant about Dog TV, which is a new channel in San Diego on Cox TV and Time Warner. It’s a channel dedicated to 24/7 programming for dogs, aimed at dogs who are at home by themselves.

“It is to comfort pets when the owner is not at home,” a perplexed Scully explained.

But the real gem of the highly-amusing minute-long speech from Scully came when he got down to the bottom line.

“How do you sell a sponsor to a pet?”

Don’t worry, Vin, I’m 29, use Twitter and social media for my profession, and I still don’t get what a hashtag is. I also wonder about that Dog TV, too. You’re not alone, my friend.

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