Vin Scully uses high voice after umpire takes ball to the nuts (Video)

Umpire-ball-to-nutsVin Scully is one of the most remarkable 86-year-old men on planet Earth. Not only will he be returning to broadcast Los Angeles Dodgers games for a 66th season in 2015, but Scully is also still amazing at his job. His sense of humor remains fully intact, and he proved it in fantastic fashion on Monday night.

Home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez took a foul ball to a very bad spot during the 8th inning of the Los Angeles Angels’ win over the Dodgers. Scully described the ball as having nailed Gonzalez in “more than the right way” before playing out a hypothetical conversation between Gonzalez and Angels catcher Hank Conger.

Yup, Scully went with the high-pitched voice when impersonating Gonzalez. I’ve literally watched the above video about 15 times and can’t stop. The old man is still hilarious. I love it.

Video via The Big Lead

Vin Scully will return to announce Dodgers games in 2015

Vin ScullyThe Dodgers announced some great news during the middle of their game against the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night: Vin Scully will return to call games in 2015.

“It is very difficult to say goodbye,” said Scully in a statement. “God willing, I will be back next year. Over the years I have been blessed to have so many friends, including those that sit in the stands and listen, as well as those at home who listen and watch. It is just too hard to say goodbye to all these friends. Naturally there will come a time when I will have to say goodbye, but I’ve soul-searched and this is not the time.”

The announcement was also done in a cool manner. First Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu made the announcement in Korean, a Yasiel Puig Spanish recording followed, and then Justin Turner announced it in English.

Scully, who will be 87 in November, will be in his 66th season. That’s just an astounding amount. Many people are retired by the time they’re 65. Scully will be broadcasting Dodgers games for the 66th year!

Vin Scully calls Yasiel Puig the ‘maestro’ of the bat flip (Video)

Yasiel-Puig-bat-flipYasiel Puig has taken the concept of flipping your bat to new heights. The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder even flips his bat on routine outs from time to time. On Thursday night, Puig executed one of his highest bat flips on a double to right-center. The legendary Vin Scully shared his thoughts.

“Boy, that was a really high flip,” Scully said. “If you really want to learn how to flip the bat, here’s the maestro. … He thought that was a home run. That was definitely a home run flip.”

Puig’s line drive went off the base of the outfield wall, but he definitely thought it was gone for a second. Apparently he still needs some more time at Dodger Stadium before he can tell when a ball is leaving the park. Until he can get used to his own strength, Puig will continue to infuriate opposing pitchers.

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Listen to Vin Scully tell the story of Cole Hamels and wife Heidi (Video)

Cole wife Heidi HamelsWe’ve posted countless clips over the years showing what makes Vin Scully the best broadcaster in sports, and this is just the latest example.

Cole Hamels was the starting pitcher against Zack Greinke in Wednesday’s Dodgers-Phillies game, so Vin got into telling the story of how Hamels met his wife, Heidi, who is a former “Survivor” reality show contestant (then known as Heidi Strobel).

According to Scully, Hamels went to get Heidi’s autograph and asked her out. They were in Clearwater, Fla., at the time, and she told him he’d have to go to Springfield, Mo., to take her out. The best part was hearing Scully go old school by describing Heidi as “GU,” which he said stood for “geographically unacceptable” (my parents always said it was geographically undesirable or geographically unfeasible).

Since I’m a DirecTV customer, the Dodgers have been dead to me this season. I didn’t see this clip until Crossing Broad posted it because Kyle Scott has been watching the series on his iPad and listening to Scully is a new experience for him.

Hearing Vin tell personal stories about players like this is usual business, but still always very enjoyable.

Vin Scully tells a story about Torii Hunter’s dad and a crack pipe (Video)

Vin on Torii by random_sports

Vin ScullyOne of the qualities about Vin Scully that separates him from every other broadcaster out there — you know, besides his literary allusions, great cadence and pleasant and smooth call — is his storytelling ability. You could give the same background information about a player to 10 different broadcasters, and Scully would just be able to make it sound so much better than the others. And even when he’s telling a story about crack pipes, he still makes it sound great.

During the Los Angeles Dodgers-Detroit Tigers game on Tuesday, Scully was talking about Torii Hunter and told a story about Hunter’s father being a crack addict. The story went that Hunter’s father wore his son’s jacket and left a crack pipe in the pocket, and the pipe fell out of the pocket in a classroom after Torii wore the jacket to school. But the way Scully tells it … man, he is just so good.

Video via The Big Lead; H/T Deadspin

Vin Scully can’t even watch the Dodgers on TV

Vin ScullyVin Scully can’t even watch the Los Angeles Dodgers on TV, and that’s not even an exaggeration or joke.

This is probably more of a regional issue for LA people, so you might not be aware of what’s going on. Time Warner Cable bought the TV rights to the Dodgers and created a sports channel for the team which began airing its games this season. Previously, the Dodgers were on cable channels that were available on all cable providers, such as FOX Sports West/Prime Ticket, or over-the-air channels. But the new channel created by Time Warner — SportsNet LA — is only available on Time Warner Cable.

That means anyone in SoCal who has DirecTV, Dish Network, Comcast, Cox, Charter, Uverse and FiOS — which makes up about 70 percent of the market — cannot get Dodgers games on TV. What’s worse is that even if you buy an MLB.tv subscription, the games are still blacked out for you.

The huge irony is that the voice and face of the Dodgers himself, Vin Scully, can’t even get the team’s games on TV. Yes, the LA Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth revealed that Scully is a DirecTV subscriber.

Scully is now 86 and only travels to road games within the division. So if he wants to watch his team play when they’re out on the East Coast, he’s screwed just like everyone else in LA.

How long before this gets resolved? That’s what everyone is wondering.

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Vin Scully calmly calls earthquake in Los Angeles (Video)

Vin ScullyLos Angeles on Friday was hit with yet another sizable earthquake, but those who were watching the spring training Freeway Series game between the Dodgers and Angels had nothing to worry about because they had Vin Scully to calm them.

As you can see in the video, the cameras began to shake and couldn’t produce a steady picture while the 5.1 quake was going. The epicenter of the quake was said to be in La Habra, which is about 25 miles southeast of Dodger Stadium. That was close enough for everyone to feel it throughout the press area, according to Scully.

But it was nothing more than a “little tremor” to him.

In his typical style, Vin then transitioned into a story about the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco that delayed the 1989 World Series. He always knows how to make those great historical tie-ins.