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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Guy Tries to Cause a Scene at Gary Carter Autograph Session (Updated)

Can the specific rules that are in place at autograph signing sessions be ridiculous at times? Yes. That’s besides the point, however. Rules are rules and there’s nothing more annoying than a fan who thinks they’re entitled to things other people aren’t.  Check out this video of a fan getting into an argument with Gary Carter at an autograph session, courtesy of Deadspin:

Tell me this guy isn’t looking for attention. He’s pretty open about the fact that he’s looking for a good video to put on YouTube. His kids should be able to have a picture signed when no one else can, just because they bought it. That’s reasonable. I love his argument of, “If you can’t do three days you shouldn’t come for three days.” How about if he knows Carter can’t sign pictures don’t waste your money buying them?

I actually feel bad for the kids in this situation because they probably couldn’t care less what they get autographed. They just happened to be used as leverage for a full-grown man who desperately needs attention. To top it all off, his YouTube user name is “SHAMEONGARYCARTER”, so this may or may not be the first time he’s ever posted a video.

UPDATE: Wow. Deadspin did a little bit more digging into this situation and came across two more videos this guy created under his “SHAMEONGARYCARTER” YouTube account. There has to be more that we’re missing here. This can’t all be because Carter (momentarily) refused to sign a couple kids’ pictures, right? The first video is just a clip from MIke and Mike of Carter apologizing for speaking out against Willie Randolph in hopes of landing the Mets managing job. This nut job posted the clip and entitled it, “Gary Carter…A Joke.”  The second video, which includes some NSFW lyrics, is even more frightening. I recommend this guy get a life. Enjoy:

It’s an AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!!!!

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Video Credit: YouTube user SHAMEONGARYCARTER

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