Kent State’s Andre Parker returns fumble 58 yards the wrong way! (Video)

Kent State dominated Towson in the first half of their season-opening game on Thursday, but that doesn’t mean they displayed an overall mastery of the game of football. Take for instance what occurred in the play seen above. Kent State was punting to Towson, and the ball touched the returner, making it live. Kent State’s Andre Parker recovered the ball at the seven-yard line, and he inexplicably began running the WRONG WAY!

As dumb of a move as Parker’s was, a few Towson players weren’t much wiser. Two players combined to chase down Parker and tackle him inside the 30. They were immediately chewed out by their coaches for the stupid move.

We really have no idea how or why Parker screwed up so badly, except the only explanation might be that he didn’t think it was possible to get such an easy touchdown, and that’s why he began running the wrong way. As for the Towson players who tackled him? They were just reacting to what they saw rather than thinking. It’s the same logic that allows plays like the statue of liberty to work.

The good news for Kent State is that the blunder didn’t cost them. The ball was ruled down at the 7-yard line, and the Golden Flashes kicked a field goal to add to their lead before halftime.

That was easily the dumbest college football play we’ve seen since this one last year.

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Video via BSO

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5SKEFJMZ4KDLPMLKPRQGES7EYY Randall

    What a dumba$$. Hope he’s not a geography major.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B6EEKVZZQJ25HSQW64Z6YLVOFI big dan teague

    That was truely funny, but I don’t understand the rule.  If the kicking team can not advance the ball the wrong way, why wasn’t the whistle blown?

  • carllogong

    When a punt receiver attempts to catch the punt or it makes contact with him, but he does not actually possess the ball, it is called a ‘muff’ , not a fumble. The rules (at both high school and college, not sure about NFL) state that a muff can only be recovered by the kicking team, not advanced. As such by rule, the play was dead and the ball spotted at that point, as soon as #10 recovered it. I do not know if it happened but the referee should have been blowing the whistle right away which should have stopped this from going as far as it did.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.fitzgerald.94617 Tom Fitzgerald

    you are right and they did call it.

  • SpinMax

    1st week!

  • yagaaa

    Larry Brown- You are a professional writer and you have a typo in your last sentence. hahah Really…criticizing a kid for running the wrong way? Obviously, all of the players were running the wrong way after that play. How did you miss that? You get paid to write and cannot get it right in more ways than one!

  • damickster


    The punt returner does not have to possess the ball.  As long as it just grazes him it is a live ball  in HS and college.  The ball was not dead but the player who f’d it up is!!

    I jumped center 2 x’s in both HS and college, got discombuberated and shot, and made the basket, at the wrong goal.  I was benched immediately both times!!

    S___ happens!!

  • FranKatak

    Here on one play you have the two dumbest plays of the young college season:  Although both actions were moot since ball was dead – the  players doing these two deeds 
    as well as 99% of the fans didn’t know that at the time 
    Running wrong way (Kent)and tackling the wrong way running opponent (Towson)