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Monday, May 21, 2018

Buck naked streaker runs across field, hops two fences, escapes in getaway car (Video)

This video is probably NSFW due to the streaker’s nudity, but please don’t let that be a reason why you don’t watch it. This is freaking hilarious:

How many streakers actually have things well planned out in advance? This guy had a freaking getaway car. A getaway car! Most of the time you have to be hammered drunk or high in order to be convinced to run on a field, but not this dude. He had things all planned.

And how about the nads on him to actually hop not one, but two fences without wearing pants! I don’t know about you, but that’s getting a little too close to comfort for me. The one thing you can say about this guy is he has balls.

Best part of the video? Lame security guard totally eating it by the fence. Classic.

H/T Colin, first seen at The Big Lead

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