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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Roseanne Actress Spoofs Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Video

We’ve featured plenty of Rex Ryan foot fetish spoof videos here at LBS. We had this funny voiceover one, then there was relief pitcher Craig Breslow who made a spoof, and of course Wes Welker subtly mocked Rex during a press conference. Heck, even Rex joked about it in a recent interview. But if you thought just because we’ve moved onto a new season that the fun would be done, you would be wrong. Hugging Harold Reynolds shared this great spoof by the actress who played Becky in Roseanne. Check it out:

Look at us, ruining a man’s freak nature by the second. If anyone’s losing here, it’s everyone who’s wanted to embrace their inner Marv Albert. With all our public shaming we’re killing it by the second. What’s wrong with us spoiling everyone’s fun?

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