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Thursday, February 27, 2020

How much does Jared Lorenzen weigh? He doesn’t know

Jared Lorenzen River Monsters

Jared Lorenzen is still one of those people who will always grabs the attention of sports fans and remains in our conscience regardless of circumstances. It’s not hard to see why.

How many 300+ pound quarterbacks are there in the world? Better yet, how many enormous, offensive lineman-sized guys can wiggle, run, throw and play quarterback at the highest level of college football, and do it extremely well?

There’s only one, and that’s what makes Lorenzen so unique and so dang likable.

Lorenzen was the subject of a great feature by Tommy Tomlinson on ESPN.com. It talks about Lorenzen’s career and personal life, and it really centers around all anyone ever talks about when it comes to the former Kentucky quarterback — his weight.

There are some true gems in the story, such as this quote when they talk about Big Ten teams Ohio State and Purdue recruiting him to be a lineman.

“I’d rather watch grass grow than watch Big Ten football.”

Then there was this great nugget about Kentucky trying to monitor Lorenzen’s eating so that he would lose weight after he ballooned during his redshirt freshman season.

After the season, the coaches sent a student trainer to live with Lorenzen and get him to stick to a diet. At the beginning of spring practice, Mumme checked in. The student trainer had gained 10 pounds.

That is just a priceless anecdote. But another one of the most telling items from the feature is that Lorenzen does not know how much he weighs. That is because he hasn’t stepped onto a scale for over six years.

The last time Lorenzen was weighed was when he was at camp with the Indianapolis Colts in 2008. He weighed 303 pounds at the time. He is divorced from his childhood sweetheart and admits the weight issue was one of their problems.

The last picture we saw of Lorenzen was this one from his Twitter account that went viral:

That’s Lorenzen with Wildcats freshman DL Matt Elam, who is listed at anywhere from 6-foot-5 to 6-foot-7 and between 375 and 380 pounds. He is an enormous man. And Lorenzen appears to be every bit as big.

As for what Lorenzen is up to these days, we’d tell you, but then that would spoil the fun of reading the great feature.

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