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#pounditMonday, July 22, 2024

Richard Sherman offers harsh take on Zach Wilson

Richard Sherman upset

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has faced a lot of criticism in the wake of Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots, and some of the harshest came from Richard Sherman.

Wilson rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when he refused to hold himself accountable for his poor play in the Jets’ 10-3 loss. Despite going just 9/27 for 77 yards, Wilson bluntly told reporters that he did not feel New York’s offense let the defense down. He also pointed out that it was “windy as hell” on the field at Gillette Stadium, which impacted both teams.

Sherman, a former All-Pro defensive back, was surprised by Wilson’s response to the question about letting his defense down.

“Wow. 9 completions the entire game and 10 punts. You have let Defense down,” Sherman wrote on Twitter.

Sherman then doubled down when he saw that NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah defended Wilson. Jeremiah noted that Wilson had no support in the run game and faced a great defense. Sherman said the “terrible play” has become the norm for Wilson and encouraged the Jets to move on from their former first-round pick.

“I understand finding positives. But This terrible play has been the case for weeks,” Sherman wrote. “Mac Jones played under exact same conditions 23-27 for 246 yds. Hes not good enough for the NFL and the sooner the Jets realize that the better off the rest of this team will be.”

The Jets may agree with Sherman. Several players were reportedly unhappy with Wilson over the way he handled himself after Sunday’s game. Then on Monday, head coach Robert Saleh made it clear that Wilson’s starting job is not safe.

If the Jets bench Wilson, he may never get his job back. Sherman is not the only one who thinks New York should go in another direction.

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