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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Angry Titans fans make ‘F*** you Peyton’ song (Very NSFW)

While Peyton Manning is set to get a boat load of money from the Broncos — reportedly in the neighborhood of five years, $95 million — it would be tough to imagine his decision was monetary based. Given his injury history, signing Peyton to that type of contract is a risk. Given his Hall of Fame resume, it’s a no-brainer. If the Titans, Niners, or Dolphins lost out on Manning because of money, shame on them.

Some Titans fans do not feel that way. Understandably upset by being led on and let down, a group of Titans fans decided to make a spinoff of a popular Cee Lo Green song and direct it at Peyton. In their eyes, he’s a greedy s.o.b. who simply went to the highest bidder. Check out this clip that Outkick the Coverage shared with us. The language in the song is obviously very NSFW:

That’s reasonable. Considering the Titans offered Peyton a front office position upon retirement and a car dealership offered him a brand new truck, I’m sure money was the only deciding factor.

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