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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Jon Jones says officer Jason Brown has racial profiling history

Jon Jones

Jon Jones is fighting back against the officer who pulled him over for allegedly drag racing in New Mexico last month.

Jones was adamant from the start that he was not drag racing despite officer Jason Brown claiming he was. The two got into a nasty exchange involving lots of name calling.

Now Jones is fighting back by pointing out Brown has been accused of racial profiling by black men in three complaints and is the subject of a lawsuit from another black man.

Officer Brown all over the news in Albuquerque after reporters dig up how many times he has been in trouble for racial profiling in the past. Being a father of biracial children, I'm definitely not one to pull the race card. At the same time, I'm not necessarily surprised about this discovery after the run in I had with him. Having him stand there, look me in the eyes and start accusing me of several things him and I both know I didn't do made me feel let down by the community, made me feel powerless, he made me feel like what was actually true had no power over him. Now it's easier for me to understand why so many people hold resentment towards law enforcement. Officer brown almost single-handedly ruined my trust in law-enforcement. The sad thing about it is, I actually went to school for criminal justice, I wanted to be an officer myself. Fortunately I know better than to let one person ruin my views of a whole group. Just glad people are finally bringing light to who I was dealing with that night.

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The Albuquerque Journal has details on all the cases and says nothing materialized of the three complaints, with a spokesperson noting that those arrested for DWI tend to be highly upset over the accusation, leading to lots of complaints. The lawsuit alleging racial profiling is from a person who has at least five drunken driving convictions. Their full article detailing everything Brown is facing is worth a read.

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