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Monday, June 1, 2020

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Julian Edelman will not be prosecuted for jumping on hood of person’s car

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Julian Edelman found his name in the headlines for an embarrassing reason a week after the New England Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs last season, but the star wide receiver is not going to be prosecuted for his actions.

Edelman was arrested in Beverly Hills, Calif., back in January after he inexplicably jumped on the hood of a person’s parked Mercedes. Police were in the area at the time working a robbery, and someone flagged them down to report what Edelman had done. The 33-year-old was cited for misdemeanor vandalism and released.

As many expected, Edelman was able to settle the issue by writing a check. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office told TMZ this week that the owner of the vehicle said “has been fully compensated for the repair costs” and does not wish to see Edelman prosecuted. As a result, officials have scrapped the case.

Police say Edelman “slid across the hood” of the Mercedes and was intoxicated at the time. Tom Brady took a shot at his former teammate over the incident, and fortunately for Edelman it ended up costing him nothing but some money.

Report: Patriots have zero intention of trading Julian Edelman

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The New England Patriots are obviously rebuilding on offense after parting ways with Tom Brady, and there has been some speculation that Julian Edelman could be the next veteran player they decide to move forward without. According to one report, that is not going to happen.

Tom E. Curran says he has been told by an NFL source that there is “not a chance in hell” the Patriots will trade or release Edelman this offseason. While the receiver carries a salary cap hit of more than $9 million next season, the cap savings would not be nearly that much if they trade Edelman.

Miguel Benzan of Boston Sports Journal has arguably a better understanding of the Patriots’ salary cap situation than any person outside the organization, and he says the team would gain less than $4 million in cap space by trading Edelman. Curran says there could be some sort of workout bonus in Edelman’s contract that would push the savings slightly higher, but what would New England actually gain by trading Edelman?

While Edelman was extremely productive with 100 catches, over 1,000 yards and six touchdowns last season, he’ll be turning 34 in May. He has also battled injuries in recent seasons, so it’s highly unlikely a team would give up a high draft pick for him.

An April Fool’s rumor on Wednesday led to some speculation that Edelman was on his way out of New England, but there has been no trade. Unless the Patriots are blowing up their entire offense, Edelman should have value to them as a role model for second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham and the new leader of the offense with Brady gone.

Of course, things could change if Edelman asks the Patriots to trade or release him. He may have already hinted that he wants to team up with Brady in Tampa Bay, but he has also said in the past that he would not want to play for a coach other than Bill Belichick. There wouldn’t be much in it for the Patriots if they trade Edelman.

Did Bill Simmons fall for Julian Edelman to Lions trade April Fools’ joke?

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Is Julian Edelman really on the verge of being traded to the Detroit Lions? If you listened to Bill Simmons’ interview with Colin Cowherd on Wednesday, you would be thinking so.

During an interview with Cowherd, Simmons, who is a big Boston sports fan, threw out an Edelman rumor.

“Even the (Julian) Edelman, it seems like he might be headed to Detroit, is that official?” Simmons said to Cowherd.

Cowherd responded, “it’s talked about.”

Simmons does have some inside information on Boston sports teams, but there hasn’t been any chatter anywhere about Edelman being traded to the Lions. The only place I could find such a rumor came via a tweet early Wednesday morning by Patriots Militia that said Edelman was signing a 2-year deal with the Lions.

That was obviously fake considering Edelman is still under contract with the Patriots, and of course it came on April Fools’ Day.

So either Simmons knows about a trade in the works that nobody else has mentioned or reported, and that Cowherd has also supposedly heard about (because Cowherd obviously would never just go along with it to risk not sounding uninformed), or one of those pesky April Fools’ jokes got people.

Edelman had 100 catches for 1,117 yards and six touchdowns last season. But with Tom Brady now in Tampa Bay, Edelman might want to play for a new team, and we all know how much the Lions love collecting Patriots players, so the rumor is plausible.

Julian Edelman ‘likes’ tweet suggesting he should go to Buccaneers

Julian Edelman made it no secret all offseason that he would be crushed if Tom Brady left the New England Patriots in free agency. Now that it has happened, many have wondered if the receiver could try to follow his best buddy to Tampa Bay. Some of Edelman’s social media activity may indicate he would welcome the opportunity to do just that.

When reports spread earlier in the week that Brady is going to sign with the Buccaneers, NFL legend Deion Sanders openly wondered if the Bucs would be able to find a way to add Edelman, too. As Sanders described it, Edelman has basically been Brady’s Scottie Pippen.

The tweet got over 1,000 likes, and Edelman was among them.

It would certainly not be a shock if the Patriots traded or released Edelman. They likely have no choice but to begin rebuilding now that Brady is gone, and Edelman will be 34 prior to the start of next season. He has also suffered numerous injuries in recent years and will count $8 million against the salary cap in 2020. He fits the description of a veteran player that Bill Belichick would make a surprise training camp release.

Edelman and Brady have one of the strongest bromances in sports, so it’s easy to envision Edelman wanting to continue that in Tampa Bay. If he approaches the Patriots about a trade or release, they may just grant him his wish.

Julian Edelman reacts to Tom Brady leaving Patriots

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Julian Edelman has been openly campaigning throughout the offseason for Tom Brady to re-sign with the New England Patriots, but the wide receiver was officially forced to give up the fight on Tuesday. If Edelman is angry over Brady’s decision, he is not showing it publicly.

Not long after Brady announced that he will not return to the Patriots, Edelman shared a photo of himself and Brady on Twitter with a simple caption that said “family.”

Edelman was Brady’s favorite target for years, and the two have developed a full-blown bromance. It goes without saying that Edelman did not want to catch passes from a quarterback other than Brady, and the receiver has found a number of unique ways to express that over the past several weeks.

At one point, Edelman was even selling merchandise in an attempt to convince Brady to stay with the Patriots. The 33-year-old has to be crushed, but he knew there was a possibility that this day would come.

Audio reveals Tom Brady’s response to Julian Edelman saying ‘he’s coming back’

The NFL offseason has reached the point where fans and the media are trying to read Tom Brady’s lips any time he makes a public appearance, and an exchange the star quarterback had with Julian Edelman at the Syracuse-North Carolina game on Saturday was the latest example of that. As it turns out, nothing Brady said while cameras were rolling was all that noteworthy.

Brady and Edelman were shown on the ESPN broadcast, and Edelman decided to needle his buddy by telling viewers at home that Brady is “coming back.” It initially looked like Brady responded and may have said something along the lines of “he’s not,” but that was not the case. In fact, Brady wasn’t even responding to Edelman.

NFL Network isolated the audio, and it turns out Brady was actually responding to a separate question. Another person who was not shown on camera had asked Brady what he said to Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, and Brady replied “he’s got it.”

That was fun while it lasted. It was also a reminder of why we shouldn’t try to read lips, because most of the speculation about what Brady said to Edelman was completely inaccurate.

Edelman obviously wants Brady to return to the Patriots, and the receiver is even selling T-shirts to send a message. If Brady ends up signing with another team, Edelman may be more crushed than fans in New England.

Julian Edelman now selling T-shirt urging Tom Brady to stay with Patriots

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Julian Edelman is launching an all-out effort to try to keep Tom Brady in New England.

Edelman’s latest move is to sell an election-themed T-shirt urging Brady to stay with the Patriots in 2020, complete with a campaign slogan.

It’s no secret that Edelman and Brady are close. The wide receiver has made no secret that he wants Brady to stay, and he even seems to have jokingly annoyed the quarterback with some of his proclamations.

Whether Brady will actually leave New England is definitely a matter of debate, and to be honest, there’s probably nothing Edelman can do about that decision one way or the other. He is definitely doing whatever possible to make sure Brady knows how much he’s valued, though.