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Sunday, August 25, 2019

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Watch: Reggie Wayne trolls Titans fans at NFL Draft

Reggie Wayne crying

Reggie Wayne announced the Indianapolis Colts’ second-round draft pick on Friday at the NFL Draft in Nashville, and he decided to use the opportunity to troll the local fans.

Wayne, who played wide receiver for the Colts from 2001-2014, picked up on the fans booing him, so he zinged them with a little harsh truth.

He’s right — the Colts have gone 17-3 against the Titans over the last 10 years. The behavior was reminiscent of Drew Pearson, who trolled Philly fans two years ago.

Oh, and the Colts took Temple cornerback Rock Ya-Sin with the No. 34 overall pick.

Reggie Wayne offers to catch passes from Andrew Luck at ‘undisclosed location’

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck told reporters on Monday that he is excited with the progress he has made after he missed the entire 2017 season with a shoulder injury, though the star quarterback has not yet resumed throwing NFL-sized footballs. When he does, one of his old favorite targets is willing to help out.

Reggie Wayne, who was teammates with Luck in Indianapolis for three seasons, has offered to catch passes from Luck at an “undisclosed location.”

For those who don’t get the reference, Wayne met with Peyton Manning several years ago to work out a supposedly top secret location when Manning was recovering from neck surgery and the Colts had released him. The big difference is neither player was under contract with a team at the time, and something tells us the Colts will probably want to keep a close eye on Luck.

Luck sounds optimistic, but we are still getting mixed information about his rehab. Until Colts fans see him firing footballs around, it will be tough for them to stop thinking the worst after what happened last season.

Reggie Wayne will admit Tom Brady is greatest QB ever if Patriots win

Tom Brady

Former NFL wide receiver Reggie Wayne played the best seasons of his career with Peyton Manning, so you can understand why he has always chosen Manning in the popular “Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning” debate. But if Brady manages to win his fifth championship on Sunday, even Wayne won’t be able to argue for the other side anymore.

Wayne admitted on Wednesday that he will be forced to crown Brady if the New England Patriots get the best of the Atlanta Falcons.

Plenty of people feel Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time with or without a win in Super Bowl LI, but capturing a fifth ring would quite literally put him in a tier by himself.

Keep in mind this is the same Reggie Wayne who came down hard on Brady over Deflategate and didn’t exactly enjoy his brief time with the Patriots. If he’s willing to hand Brady the ultimate compliment, you know No. 12 is on the verge of true immortality.

Reggie Wayne: Deflategate should disqualify Tom Brady from MVP contention

Tom Brady

One former NFL player has a very strong opinion of Tom Brady’s name coming up in awards chatter.

Former Colts receiver Reggie Wayne told NFL Total Access that Brady shouldn’t win MVP because of his alleged role in the Deflategate scandal.

To be strict, if Brady did anything, it happened long before this year. The game in question that started the controversy took place 22 months ago, in January of 2015. Obviously, that doesn’t disqualify Brady from being MVP this year, if he shows he warrants it.

Wayne reportedly didn’t love his brief time in New England. Maybe that colors his opinions of Brady. Either way, his argument is silly. Brady served his time, and he should be considered the same way as any other player would.

Reggie Wayne: Blame Colts’ front office for struggles, not Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck

What’s wrong with the Indianapolis Colts? One of their former stars thinks he has the answer.

Reggie Wayne, who was Andrew Luck’s No. 1 receiver during the quarterback’s rookie year, thinks the criticism of Luck is missing the point.

“A lot of people are wanting to criticize Andrew Luck instead of really in my opinion going after what the big problem is,” Wayne told NFL Network, via Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk. “I think that big problem is a lot of the front office decisions.”

Wayne makes a pretty good point. The relationship between the coaching staff and the front office has been awful for a while now, which begs the question why everyone was retained in the first place. There’s a good case to be made that Luck is fine. He just doesn’t have the help he needs.

Peyton Manning ‘Omaha’ call explained by Reggie Wayne

Peyton Manning

There has been far less hype about Peyton Manning’s “Omaha!” pre-snap call this season with the Broncos quarterback having missed several games, but one of his former teammates took some time to explain what it means on Sunday morning.

Reggie Wayne, who played 10 seasons with Manning in Indianapolis, spoke about the topic with the NFL Network crew.

“Omaha means he’s going the other way,” Wayne said. “If there’s a run to the right, Omaha is going to be a run left.”

Wayne immediately caught grief for giving away Manning’s secret, but even if “Omaha” does mean the direction of the play is changing that does not mean the defense knows which way the play was supposed to go in the first place. Wayne also said that he “promises” Manning will use “Omaha” for a different reason in the AFC Championship Game.

The only explanation we have ever gotten for what “Omaha” means prior to Sunday came from Manning himself, and all he did was confuse everyone even more. That only adds to the hype and ridiculousness, which has even been showcased on signs inside airports. As long as Bill Belichick doesn’t know what “Omaha” means, Manning should be OK.

Reggie Wayne reportedly asked for his release, didn’t think Patriots were fun

Reggie Wayne crying

Reggie Wayne was released by the New England Patriots on Saturday less than two weeks after he signed with the team. Reports say the former longtime Colts receiver asked for his release.

A report by former Patriots quarterback and current Boston radio host Scott Zolak says Wayne found the Patriots’ work environment too “tough” and “not fun.”

New England’s environment is one of no-nonsense. Darrelle Revis was once sent home by Bill Belichick for being late. Ditto for Jonas Gray last year. Some players enjoy and thrive on playing in a strict environment like that, while others feel it is too constraining.

If this report is true, then Wayne felt New England was not for him. We now have to wonder whether the 36-year-old will retire or try to sign with another team. He is said to be evaluating his future options.