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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Allen Iverson did not kidnap his own children after all

Allen-Iverson-Hated-Luggage-Bought-New-ClothesOn Monday, we shared a report with you about former NBA star Allen Iverson’s ex-wife filing court documents claiming he abducted the couple’s five children. Tawanna Iverson has full custody of the children, but she allegedly gave Allen permission to take them on a short vacation. She claimed he never returned them to her when he was supposed to.

Apparently Tawanna’s story was not entirely true. TMZ reported on Tuesday that Allen appeared in court last Wednesday and explained to the judge that Tawanna had full access to the children the whole time they were staying with him. In fact, Tawanna testified that she could have picked the children up but did not want to drive 45 minutes to Allen’s location to do so.

“They say I stole my kids? That’s what they say?” Iverson said Monday, according to NBC 11 in Atlanta. “If that’s what you believe and people think I’m crazy enough to do, then so be it. I ain’t never treated fairly, don’t expect to be.”

After hearing Allen’s testimony, the judge reportedly declined Tawanna’s request to have him put in jail and the children were returned to their mother. TMZ also noted that a source says Allen and Tawanna have worked out some of their issues and she has agreed to allow him to spend more private time with the kids.

So, about that whole he’s an alcoholic who drinks around the kids thing…

Via Washington Post

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