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Friday, June 22, 2018

Dwyane Wade’s dad reportedly ejected from Bulls-Heat game

Apparently LeBron James is not the only player in the NBA who has parental issues on game night. From the sound of it, his teammate Dwyane Wade is right there with him. According to ESPN.com, Dwyane Wade Sr. — D-Wade’s father — was ejected from the Heat’s game against the Bulls on Wednesday night for using profanity. Arena personnel reportedly asked him to stop swearing and he refused, so we was asked to leave the venue.

If you recall, LeBron had to put his mom in check a few years ago during a game against the Celtics when she was acting like a crazed fan.

The Heat refused to comment on the Wade matter, so it’s unclear whether or not D-Wade could hear his father cursing. It’s tough for me to say since I’m not a parent nor am I related to a multimillionaire, but I think if my son were making as much as these guys I’d just be able to sit back and enjoy the game. But that’s just me.

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