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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Jazz keep Enes Kanter from eating fried chicken after games for rookie hazing

When it comes to rookie hazing, some get off easy and others have to fight for their lives just to survive. The type of torment a rookie has to deal with ultimately depends on how creative the veterans are on his team. Unfortunately for Jazz rookie center Enes Kanter, Utah has some pretty innovative senior members. When the Jazz sit and chow down on delicious fried chicken after games, Kanter has to either watch or face the wrath of Al Jefferson.

For several minutes, Jefferson publicly hounded Kanter. And while the Utah rookie was reminded all four boxes of chicken weren’t just for him at the same time a teammate made fun of his too-large dress shirt, Jefferson displayed his veteran chops. Not only couldn’t Kanter dig in and fill up a heaping plate, but he couldn’t even eat until everyone else with at least one year of professional service had stepped up to the line and done their part to devour what one player estimated was $200 worth of chicken.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, even assistant coaches will step up and take down some chicken if it means none being left for Kanter. Six-year veteran C.J. Miles said he has never seen anyone have to deal with the stuff that Jefferson makes his fellow center deal with in all his time with the Jazz.

This week alone, Kanter has had to provide Dunkin Donuts for all of his teammates, hike to to the top of Time Warner Cable Arena, and — of course — walk around the locker room offering fried chicken to his teammates while enjoying nothing but the smell of it. The life of a rookie can be tough, but it sounds like Kanter could be the most unlucky rookie in the NBA.

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