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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jimmer Fredette apolgizes for brother T.J.’s tweets criticizing Keith Smart

After Jimmer Fredette’s brother T.J. Fredette ripped Kings coach Keith Smart on Twitter earlier in the week, everyone had to expect Jimmer to be unhappy. The Kings are not having a good season, and Jimmer has played very limited minutes. That has obviously bothered T.J., who called Smart an “interim coach” and said “he should be an assistant at best.” Both Jimmer and T.J. have since apologized.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Jimmer assured everyone that his older brother would not be criticizing the team on Twitter anymore.

“When I got aware of it, I definitely talked to him about it,” Jimmer said. “He obviously regrets it. He’s sorry and I’m sorry on behalf of him as well. It’s something that will never happen again. It will be controlled, and he realizes that. We just apologize to everybody, coaches, teammates and everybody.”

T.J. also apologized on Twitter with the following tweet: “I underestimated the power of twitter and made a bad choice making my comment public, I erased the comment and apologize for my mistake.”

For whatever reason, athletes’ siblings can’t seem to learn from one another. As Larry Fitzgerald’s younger brother will tell you, tweeting criticism of the team simply creates uncomfortable situations. The siblings aren’t the ones who have to walk into the locker room the next day and face coaches and teammates. Whether they think they’re supporting their brothers or not, tweeting and saying things without thinking is extremely selfish.

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