Kobe the Only Injured Player in the NBA

If you ever wanted to know the deep-down reasons behind my disgust of one Kobe Bryant, you don’t need to look any farther than this very post (wearing sunglasses to his “going pro” announcement in high school would do the trick, too). Out of all the stars that are hurt, get hurt, and play hurt, why is it that Kobe’s the one who seems to make a bigger deal than anyone else about it? Why don’t I remember Tim Duncan making comments after his horrendous Game 1 debacle in New Orleans that he wasn’t feeling well because he had the flu and that’s why he played so poorly? Why didn’t Tom Brady blame all the sacks and the Super Bowl loss on his foot? Why is it that Kobe makes it a point to let the media know in his post-game comments that his back was hindering him and that’s why he didn’t do well down the stretch? (And why is it that speaking at the podium isn’t good enough for Kobe, he has to grab the mic and walk around, too?). I respect Kobe for playing through his pinkie injury during the season and winning the MVP award, but man, this guy doesn’t fail to remind me why I can’t stand him and why he’s such a baby.

Instead of handling matters like a professional, he always has to let everybody know exactly how he’s feeling at that moment. “Guys, guys, if you really want to know why I didn’t play well, it’s because of my back. You should know that, write about that. Make sure you follow it in between games.” That’s not Kobe’s job to do. He shouldn’t be publicizing his injury and using it as an excuse — that’s the media’s job. Let us talk about how hurt he was and how courageous he is. Let us blame a loss on Kobe’s back. You don’t need to do that for us. Why is it that he already seems to be building himself a great excuse in the case of a disappointing loss to the Jazz? Now it’s win-win for Kobe: either Lakers win and he’s the hero for playing hurt, or they lose and he’s absolved because he’s told everyone he’s injured. Gosh I can’t stand the way this guy operates.

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  • Gene

    It’s amazing. Everyone is talking about how courageous Kobe was for playing with a bad back. Nobody is talking about how Kobe took almost all of the Laker shots in overtime, despite the fact that he was injured and that Odom and Gasol shot high percentages for the first four periods. Derek Fisher, who scored ten points down the stretch, was also available to score. Imagine, Kobe could barely pull himself off of the floor, but he managed to put up 33 shots from the field.

    Maybe Phil Jackson was right on target in his book when he said that Kobe would jeopardize a win for his high school team by keeping the score down in order to be the hero at the end.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how you forget about LeBron earlier in the season who sat out 5 games for a minor injury. And he talked about it too. Or how about Wade shutting it down this season but he can still play in the Olympics? Why aren’t you calling them out? You don’t like Kobe fine whatever but the fact is if he didn’t play through those injuries I’m sure you would be bitching about that too.

  • Joseph

    Hmm. Can’t find the link where Kobe said that. I’m thinking your full of shit. Maybe Kobe acknowledged he was injured because a reporter asked him “Kobe, what’s was wrong with your back?”

    Jesus Christ, man. He was standing up at the press conference because he had an electronic stimulating device attached to his back, and he was in a considerable amount of pain. There are even reports that he couldn’t even sit down on the plane. I found all of this stuff on the internet, all of the information I needed. I remember he said after game four, when asked if he was going to be available for the next game, he said “No Excuses. I’ll be ready”. What an unprofessional, pompous, piece of shit Kobe is huh?

    You hate Kobe because he wore sunglasses to a press conference twelve years ago? That’s one of your reasons to hate him? That’s a silly grudge to hold.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Maybe it’s because the various media members pick out snippets of entire press conferences to use in their articles, but I’ll give you two quotes from Kobe that I cut up from his post game press conference on his back:

    “Back’s a little different because you have to make some adjustments. You can’t run like you want to, cut like you want to …
    I couldn’t really go to the basket. If I had a jumpshot just tried to take it. If not, just be a decoy.”

    That’s not making an excuse for his play? And do you know how many players get medical treatment after games? Do you know how many are seeing the trainer for electrical stimulation on their muscles and ice on their joints? Are you kidding me, Joseph? Kobe’s the one who has to make a huge production out of it. Like I said, he makes it seem like he’s the only one who’s hurt.

    And sorry for disliking Latrell Sprewell for choking his coach 10 years ago. I guess I should just let that one go because actions people make aren’t at all indicative of their personalities as a whole, right?

  • Brown

    Kobe doesn’t think he’s the only one he’s hurt; but, during the game, his back injury was one of the major stories.

    Kobe actually likes to talk about injuries, even when they are those of other players. I remember when Kwame Brown sprained his ankle on 12/31/05, Kobe discussed at length what Kwame would need to do to come back quickly.

    Kobe is very educated in regards to health and the human body. He simply provided an explanation for why he was struggling. Should he not say anything at all? I guess in your world, no. So be it.

    People like you make it fun to see Kobe succeed. Knowing that you will be angry makes me happy. You need a life, really.

  • Tyson

    Let’s tell the truth, Larry, okay! You don’t hate Kobe because of the whole sunglasses thing (that was in HIGH SCHOOL). You don’t hate Kobe because of the whole Colorado rape thing (you know that was bogus). You don’t hate Kobe because of the whole Shaq thing (you know that was really Lakers management shifting the blame). You don’t hate Kobe for pushing the Lakers for a trade last year (you know he was right with his demands). And you don’t hate Kobe for talking about his injuries (that’s just plain reaching if you ask me). You hate Kobe, (like everyone else who hates Kobe) because you love Michael Jordan. You hate that Kobe was rightfully crowned “the next Michael” before Michael had really retired. You hate that Kobe shoots better. You hate that you can’t use the excuse that Kobe doesn’t “make his teammates better” anymore. You hate that he will probably get 6 titles of his own. You hate that when you voted for Chris Paul for MVP this year, you knew in your heart it was wrong, and that you were wrong both times you voted for Nash. But most of all you hate knowing that you are going to sleep every night wishing you could have the TV on, but you just can’t stand seening the best basketball player on the planet rub it in your face every night. Get over it, my man! Take down all those old pictures of you in your high school JV uniform. Put the parachute pants in the next community yard sale right beside that old school Wizards jersey. Let that old La-Z-Boy go and buy a new one. Let her go, Larry, let her go!

  • Anders(on) Varejao

    Come on Larry…It’s not like he started his presser with an opening statement on his back. He is simply answering questions about it. If he really wanted to he could be reminding people about his dislocated pinky , but I honestly haven’t heard him mention it since the all star break. Either the Kobe hate is really clouding your judgement or living in LA and the constant “Laker-watch” mentality is driving you nuts.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Kobe’s such a drama queen that’s what bothers me. He makes a bigger production of everything, there’s different ways to answer the same question if you’re asked. Not to mention standing up at the post game presser. But you are right, he didn’t remind people about the pinky after the first week or so about the injury, and how was he rewarded? With an MVP. People don’t like players that whine. And you’re probably right — this town isn’t big enough for the two of us, and I’m not going anywhere.

    I kid, I kid.