LeBron James leaves Game 4 to … take bathroom break (GIF)

LeBron James bathroomLeBron James made an exit from Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday during the first quarter and headed to the locker room, leaving everyone to speculate that his bowels were howling.

When play resumed after the Spurs’ timeout ended, No. 6 was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t until 4:19 left in the quarter that James returned to the Heat bench and checked back into the game.

ESPN’s Doris Burke later reported — and head coach Erik Spoelstra confirmed after the game — that James did indeed depart the game to take a bathroom break. Of course, that’s left everyone wondering … did he do a little too much hydrating before the game and he needed to drain the lizard? Or did that monster burrito he ate pregame kick in at a bad time?

Good thing we have a million video cameras around during the Finals so we don’t have to miss any embarrassing moments.

GIF via @_marcusd_

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  • Rubbertoe

    had to change his tampon

  • Mike

    Seriously? We are now reporting when LeBron has to take a piss?

  • Shooting Guard

    lance stephenson is that you?

  • Danny Murray

    why in the hell would this make the news!!!!!?

  • John Lowderman

    Because he wasn’t himself, and we suspect he’s having some sort of irritable bowel issues. Speaking of, what the hell is wrong with D Wade? He looks worse than third string in the Finals. Why are they still playing him? He is slow, can’t jump, defend, rebound, assist, or do anything with any explosiveness. He looks like he has contracted the world’s first case of spontaneous Progeria.

  • Easy Spirit

    Must be a slow news day.