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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LeBron James goes after Mario Chalmers, later apologizes (Video)

Have you ever seen LeBron James get so angry that went after a teammate and had to be restrained? It’s not often that happens, but it did on Wednesday night during the Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers game.

James went after Mario Chalmers during a timeout in the second half of Miami’s 97-94 home win over the Pacers and had to be restrained by a teammate. Was he upset with Chalmers for playing bad defense that led to Paul George hitting a wide open 3-pointer? Who knows.

What we do know is that LeBron later apologized to ‘Rio for the incident:

He also sent this public apology to Chalmers via Twitter:

When was the last time you saw LeBron get that heated at a teammate? The guy is usually so composed on the court. And he also earns more PR points for owning it and apologizing.

LeBron James Mario Chalmers

Video/GIF via GIFD Sports 1, 2

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