Robert Horry: Spurs Would Beat Larry’s Celtics and Magic’s Lakers

Has Robert Horry done lost his mind as my buddy Jorge Sedano put it? Would this Spurs team really take it to the 80s Celtics and 80s Lakers? Is it entirely possible? Robert Horry will be double-fisting rings after this series is over. He’ll have more brass than Michael Jordan. If anyone knows something about championships, it’s him. But has he gone crazy in telling Yahoo! Sports that the Spurs could beat Larry Legend’s Celtics and Magic’s Showtime Lakers?

“We would beat them,” he boasted.

“No disrespect to the guys back in the 80’s and the 70’s, but the guys now are so much better than those guys,” Horry said. “I don’t care what they say. If you look at old films, guys only went right. They turned and kept it in their right hand. Look at the things LeBron (James) can do, Tim (Duncan) can do, Tony (Parker) can do, Manu (Ginobili) can do. Little (Daniel) Gibson over there. There’s no way you can compare those guys. We watched what they did and expanded on that.”

Gotta love Big Shot Rob stirring the pot here. I know Horry’s playing with some special athletes, and LeBron might be one of a kind, but you telling me what these guys are doing now wasn’t seen in the 80s? Maybe way back in the day, sure. 20 years ago they weren’t windmill dunking, but it was still a good, athletic game. And forget what Bob says, there isn’t anything Daniel Gibson is doing that someone else didn’t do in the 80s. Please Horry, that was a terrible example. So that’s some great finals fodder to take us away from the dynasty discussion. Are the Spurs a better team than those 80s squads like he says?

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  • http://www.milehighramblings.blogspot.com/ the butler

    He is smoking some killer buds these days…

  • sunofa

    Yeah, there’s no way those older teams could beat this Spurs team.

    After all, once Big Shot Rob slams Magic into the scorers table, and Kareem comes after him and then he gets suspended, it’s all over, baby!

    Likewise, how good is Mr. Bird going to be when Bruce Bowen shreds his achilles? Huh? Seriously, we’re talking greatness here!

    No, I’m not over it yet, thanks for asking.

  • http://mypinstripes.blogspot.com My Pinstripes

    Horry needs to shut up and just shoot. He’s not good for anything else.

  • http://ballhype.com/ Jason

    Nice one, sunofa.

    The thought of Kareem jumping off the bench to defend a teammate is funny all by itself.

  • http://firedannyainge.wordpress.com

    The 80’s teams would have thrown Horry into the 10th row. He has no clue.

  • http://fullcourtnba.blogspot.com fullcourt

    He’s a prick. I make a post calling him a damn band-wagoner, and people start acting like damn pussies. They start showing their hidden desires to throw Horry in bed and cuddle. Damn, people are such morons. If you want to check it out, you can look here:

    Thanks Larry Brown Sports, Horry is indeed a moron, punk ass.

  • jasons

    this guys a fawking idiot, his spurs would be in a wheel chairs after playing the 80’s nicks let alone the pistons of the 80’s. Lambeer would permantly mame this guy.

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