Stephen Curry mocks LeBron James for poor Game 3 performance

Stephen-Curry-daughterLeBron James had his worst game of the playoffs on Tuesday night, and the final score reflected his performance. The San Antonio Spurs dominated the Miami Heat on a night where LeBron managed to shoot only 7-for-21 from the floor, including 1-for-5 from three-point range. Miami played poorly all-around, particularly in the second half en route to an embarrassing 113-77 loss.

In the first half, James managed to score only four points. That seems impossible with the way he has been playing, but the Spurs were somehow able to completely shut him down. Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry happened to be running the Sportscenter Twitter account during the game, and he decided to take a shot at LeBron.

Come on, bro. Cut the man some slack. He’s been carrying the Heat throughout most of the postseason, so I think we can give him one rough game. Plus, his team happens to still be playing while Curry’s is watching from home.

Curry was obviously just messing around. That doesn’t mean LeBron won’t use his Vine video and those Spurs fans partying like they won a title as motivation heading into Game 4.

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  • Genius

    Youre such a heat fan you cant even bother to hide it for the sake of journalism. You already proclaimed the Heat would win the series in the Spurs gif article, and now youre making excuses for James’ shoddy performance rather than crediting the Spurs for blowing their doors off in style. What a joke.

  • SteveDelVecchio

    Haha am I? I must be the first Celtics fan from the Boston area who is also a die-hard Heat fan.

  • Loldotdot

    Nappy headed lil’ girl! By the way, am black.

  • Chinkz

    If steph was still playing ball maybe he wouldn’t have had dat extra time on his hands while WATCHING the heat. But he did what he was suppose which is commentate ……. What else can you do when ya team sittin at home during the playoffs. Lmao