Steve Novak calls Nate Robinson ‘Little Nathan’ after Robinson mocks celebration

Aaron Rodgers may have been the first athlete to execute what is now known as the “Discount Double Check” celebration during a game, but New York Knicks forward Steve Novak has taken it onto the basketball court. Last season, Novak started doing the title belt celebration when sinking three-pointers. On Friday night, Nate Robinson decided to borrow the move after hitting two threes in the Chicago Bulls’ win over the Knicks.

After the game, Novak was asked for his reaction to Robinson doing the belt celebration.

“Oh man it warms my heart,” Novak said. “It really does. The best part about doing the belt is hearing the stories of all the little kids around the world that hit a three-pointer and do the belt. You know, one day when little Nathan grows up I hope his dreams come true and he can be just like me.”

Wait a second — Novak may have been the first to start doing the move in the NBA, but Rodgers still started it. You would swear he thinks he invented it with the way he spoke about it, despite admitting last year that he was “showing a little Wisconsin love” when he decided to bust it out. Robinson was quick to point out that Novak stole the move from Rodgers after he heard about Novak trying to clown on him.

Gotta side with Nate on this one. He was obviously trying to mock Novak by doing the belt, but the Knicks forward was definitely talking about the move like it’s a Steve Novak original. Once he appears in a State Farm commercial with a fat guy yelling at him through the window, then maybe he can talk.

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  • http://twitter.com/flubby flubby

    “Aaron Rodgers may have been the first athlete to execute what is now known as the “Discount Double Check…” 

    Once upon a time there was this guy named Rasheed Wallace…

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Did Sheed used to do it?? We’ll have to note that if he did

  • SpinMax

     Before Rashweed Wallace and his championship belt, there was Hulk Hogan

  • vern vern

    He wont shoot the ball so someone else may as well use it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/47SWMHJRDDBQYY47WYIT6PFATM Colin

    novak is a forward, not a guard (referring to the last paragraph calling him a “knicks guard”)

  • http://twitter.com/paydirt101 mike

    Does this really matter? THE COACH NEVER GIVES HIM THE BALL!!!!!!!