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Friday, March 27, 2015

UNC Recruit Makes Ridiculous Shot

If 2011 North Carolina Tarheels recruit P.J. Hairston‘s NCAA career doesn’t go as planned and he fails to make it to the NBA, he can always try out for a spot on the Harlem Globetrotters’ roster.  Listed as a 6’3″ small forward, P.J. might have to make a few more shots like this one if he wants to be successful in the NBA some day.  Check out the video of UNC recruit P.J. Hairston sinking a behind-the-back 75-foot shot, courtesy of Huffington Post via The Sporting Blog:

Oh yeah, and he hit the same shot from half court for good measure, although we can’t give him as much credit for that one because we’re not sure if he called “glass.”

UNC Recruit P.J. Hairston Sinks Your Average Backward 75-Foot Shot [The Sporting Blog]
PJ Hairston Trick Shot Is A 75-Foot, Behind-The-Back Effort (VIDEO) [The Huffington Post]

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