Warriors bench has great reaction to Harrison Barnes dunk (Video)

Warriors-benchThe Golden State Warriors were able to beat the Denver Nuggets on the road in a high-scoring affair on Tuesday night, and an outstanding performance from Harrison Barnes helped get them there. The former North Carolina star led the way with 24 points and six rebounds, but it was his reverse jam in the fourth quarter that really put the exclamation point on the evening.

As you can see, the Warriors bench loved it. This GIF that @cjzero passed along encapsulates their reaction to perfection:


Golden State did what it had to do in tying the series 1-1 before heading game for Game 3. The Warriors have lost David Lee for the remainder of the playoffs, but they proved on Tuesday that they are still capable of lighting up the scoreboard. Barnes averaged only 9.2 points per game during the regular season, but the team will need more 24-point performances from him in the absence of Lee if they want to advance to the next round.

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  • eriksuperman

    I’m a major Nuggets fan and did NOT see this one coming;
    what are they supposed to do when the Warriors shoot 65% from the field?!? I
    have to hand it to the Warriors, they flipped the switch and played the
    Nugget’s style in beating the home team; you add in their marksmanship and it
    was just too much to handle! I worked the late shift at DISH last night
    and got updates on my phone, but after my shift was over I hopped on the bus
    and turned the game on live. I have the DISH Anywhere app so I can take
    all my live TV and DVR with me on my iPad, and it was really frustrating
    watching the Ws just drain 3 after 3. Nuggets have some reevaluating to
    do, and I hope they can break serve in California on Friday!