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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Who Knew Eric Bledsoe Could Jump Unbelievably High? (Picture)

There is a picture floating around the internet right now that — to our knowledge — is not photoshopped.  Most of the highlights you will see from Tuesday’s Melo League vs. Goodman League game involve Kevin Durant and LeBron James.  We are no strangers to highlight reels filled with LeBron and K.D. material, but the most impressive physical feat of the day belonged to Eric Bledsoe.  Check out this Eric Bledsoe dunk attempt picture, courtesy of the Severna Park Voice via I Am a GM:

Perhaps this is the guard that should be in the Slam Dunk Contest next season (if there is one), not Brandon Jennings.  If Bledsoe can jump that high he could obviously put on a show.  Make it happen.

Photo Credit: Colin A.J. Murphy/Voice Media

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