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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Brock Aleksich Arrested in Middle of Boxing Match for Flipping Fans Off

One obvious way to win a boxing match is to have your opponent lose.  That could mean anything from having your ear bitten off to the other guy throwing in the towel.  You can always try to go for the knockout, but sometimes it’s easier to just sit back and let the other fighter do their thing.  Just ask boxer Bobby Moreno, who had to do nothing but watch as he went on to record a TKO against Brock Aleksich a little over a week ago.

According to the Independent Record in Montana, Moreno was awarded a technical knockout over Aleksich when Aleksich was arrested in the middle of the match.  The police report says Aleksich removed his gloves during a break at the Club Boxing match in Montana and made an obscene gesture toward the crowd.  Police warned him that he would be arrested if he flipped the bird again, and he allegedly did it during the next break in the action.  He was then escorted from the ring.

Imagine if this happened everywhere?  The middle finger is an unfortunate mainstay in the sporting world.  If everyone who flipped the bird was arrested, there’s no telling how many times the outcome of a game would have been affected.  The Bruins would have been without a defenseman in the playoffs during their Stanley Cup run.  Andre Ethier would have been posting bail shortly after taking batting practice a few months ago.  The Titans would have had someone aside from their defensive coordinator calling the plays against the Broncos last season.  The list goes on and on.  Here’s hoping the other cops in the world don’t follow suit.

As for the picture included in this post, that is the profile picture from Brock Aleksich’s Facebook page. Sadly, we’re left to assume that is him.  It should also be noted that Aleksich was dancing around before the match and flexing his muscles while wearing a shirt that read “Suck my Obama.” He left the shirt on throughout the fight.

Fist pound to Off the Bench for the story.

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