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Friday, October 24, 2014


Jimmy Rollins, Friend of the Radio Show Contest Winners

Maybe I’m more skeptical than the average person, but when someone comes knocking on my door I’m always expecting the worst. Apparently that’s not the case with Jimmy Rollins, or the kids who came a-knockin on his door was extremely persuasive. Some high schoolers were trying to win tickets to the Eagles/Giants game by getting…Read More

Sign of the Recession: Pat Burrell Only Gets $16 Million as Free Agent

In the off-season baseball free agent pool I had going — the one where I bragged about correctly predicting the Yankees would sign Teixeira and Sabathia — I also had Pat Burrell signing a four-year $60 million deal with the Rangers. That was the low end for contracts we predicted for Burrell, too. The guy…Read More

Maybe That’s Why Mark Teixeira Didn’t Sign with the Red Sox

Mark Teixeira took a long time deciding where he would sign as his agent, Scott Boras, floated rumors regarding which teams were involved in the bidding for the high-priced free agent. The Angels were a player, as were the Nats and Orioles because of the hometown factor. The Red Sox were said to be closing…Read More

If You’re the Yankees and You Can Do it, Why Wouldn’t You?

Before free agency began, in a pool with some friends, I had predicted the Yankees would sign CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira. The reasoning? If they can do it, why not? While shedding payroll this offseason, the Yankees sure have stepped up and added on some serious contracts. Should they sign one or two more…Read More

A Tribute to the Deceased Dock Ellis

Dock Ellis died on Friday but the news was overshadowed over the weekend by the busy sports schedule. I didn’t know who Ellis was until I was playing in a fantasy baseball league with a team named after him. After that, it was pretty easy to find out what made him famous. The guy threw…Read More

So That’s Where Brian Giles’ Power Stroke Went …

Brian Giles is pretty well-known for his odd sense of humor and penchant for being naked. And when he’s not out tanning himself, waxing himself, or cavorting around the clubhouse in his skivvies, he’s a pretty good player. At least he was before getting traded to San Diego. In the four years prior to being…Read More

Don’t Let the Winning Get to Your Head, Cole Hamels

I’ll be the first one to give Cole Hamels some props for pitching lights out in the playoffs. The guy nutted up and was probably the biggest reason the Phillies won the World Series. Still though, I’m not sure that dominance should give you the right to crap on the Mets (unless your name is…Read More

Introducing Clay Buchholz’s Latest Chick Lindsay Clubine

Clay Buchholz may just be a young pitcher in this league but he’s already established quite a solid dating record. The guy was last seen with a Penthouse model because well, if you have the means … why not? His dad was pretty proud of him for that pull, but we’re not sure how he…Read More

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