Tough to Be Brandon Morrow

There’s nothing worse than losing a no-hitter or perfect game with two out in the 9th.  When it happens at the hands of a seeing-eye ground ball, it’s even more painful.  When it happens because the umpire blows a call, it’s excruciating.  Unfortunately for Torono Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow, a hit is a hit and you can’t give a player an error when they fail to make a spectacular play that would have preserved your no-no.  Check out the video of Brandon Morrow’s no-hitter broken up with two out in the ninth, courtesy of YouTube user xKevTiffx:

I’ve already heard rumblings of Aaron Hill “blowing it” and how the scorekeepers should have ruled it an error, but let’s not be ridiculous.  Could Hill have made the play?  He’s probably capable of it, yeah.  But he didn’t in this particular instance and it would have been a great one if he did.  At least Morrow can still hang his hat on 17 strikeouts in nine innings.

Video Credit: YouTube user xKevTiffx

A-Rod Hurt in BP Because of Joe Buck

If Joe Buck’s announcing didn’t already ruin the game for Yankees fans used to their beloved Michael Kay calling games, then Buck did his best to screw things up earlier in the day. The Yankees beat the Red Sox Saturday 5-2 despite not having A-Rod in the lineup. Alex got hurt during batting practice when a ball Lance Berkman hit caught A-Rod in the leg and knocked him down. It hurt Rodriguez so badly (either that or you can conclude he’s a pansy) that he missed the game. Here’s a video of A-Rod getting hit in BP in case you missed it:

Naturally you’re wondering where Buck comes in at this point. As D.J. Short points out at HardballTalk, A-Rod was distracted because he was waving to say “hi” to Buck. We’re not sure how much time he’s going to miss (if anything at all). We do know that if he were on the Joe Buck schedule he’d have a full week off to rest. I’m guessing A-Rod doesn’t miss a game. Luckily the Yankees didn’t miss him on Saturday.

UPDATE: Joe Buck says he didn’t initiate the contact

X-rays negative on A-Rod, Joe Buck takes responsibility [HardballTalk]
Video Credit: YouTube user JamesPatrickRadio

Torii Hunter Ejected After Flipping Out

Just a few days after praising Torii Hunter for doing something very few star athletes would do, we’re talking about him for a bad reason. Hunter continued his hot hitting by bashing a two-run home run to center in the first against the Tigers. In the 8th however, Hunter lost it. Torii didn’t like the called strike on the first pitch of his at-bat against Ryan Perry and let home plate umpire Ron Kulpa know about it. Hunter proceeded to take called strikes on the next two pitches and was punched out on a fastball low in the zone. He began arguing with Kulpa and got ejected after his helmet touched Kulpa’s face. Here’s the Torii Hunter ejection video and stick with it for the money shot at the end:

Emptying the ball bag onto the field was the cap to a rare moment for Torii but he certainly got his money’s worth. What really bothered Hunter is the over exaggeration by Kulpa after the helmet bumped him in the face. I’m guessing a suspension is forthcoming but hopefully it won’t be more than a game. Hey, the Angels need all the help they can get in their struggled to get over .500.

Torii Hunter shows some pop, and pops off, for Angels in 4-2 win over Tigers [LA Times]
Video Credit: YouTube user TalkLAsports

Royals Losing Wearing on Zack Greinke

If there’s anything Royals fans have to look forward to it’s two things: watching games in the picturesque Kauffman Stadium and days when Zack Greinke starts. While Kauffman Stadium may be around the rest of the century, Greinke is only under contract with the team through 2012. Making matters worse for Royals fans, Greinke has made it clear that he’s sick of the losing and constant “rebuilding” going on within the organization that has put together just one winning season since 1993. Check out the strong words from last year’s AL Cy Young winner courtesy of The Kansas City Star:

“It’s not real exciting to have to go through it again,” he said. “It’s been six years with me, and most people (who are Royals fans) have been through a lot more than I have. But for me, it’s the third complete re-start/rebuilding phase.”

“I like Kansas City,” Greinke said. “It’s a town that fits me pretty well. But I don’t know…at least put a team together that has a fighting chance (to win).”

It’s a tough situation for Greinke. He probably would love to remain loyal to the only organization he’s known, but consistent losing sucks. As a pitcher, half your stats are based on the team around you; it’s difficult to get wins when your team doesn’t hit. Should Greinke choose to pursue free agency when his deal is up in 2012 (or request a trade), nobody will blame him. Greinke has been more than fair to the organization and even expressed confidence in the franchise by signing an extension. At this point everyone is hoping that the organization puts out a competitive team before too long. We all know the fans deserve it at the least.

Greinke doubts Royals’ rebuilding plan will bear fruit soon [The Kansas City Star]

Spiderman Lives … And Plays Center Field for the Hiroshima Carp

We’ve seen our share of amazing plays in the sports world and we’ve even seen Ichiro try to climb a wall and make a spiderman catch before. But damn, this video of Masato Akamatsu’s amazing catch for the Hiroshima Carp in Japan is so good that Jimmy Traina linked to it two days in a row on Hot Clicks. This is easily one of the best catches you will see on a baseball field and something you can watch over and over. It’s so good you might be convinced it was fake if you didn’t know better. Here is the catch of the season:

Sucks for the fans that thought they had a sure souvenir. That was straight crazy.

Catch Of The Day [SI Hot Clicks]
Video Credit: You Tube user TimeKillingVirals

A-Rod Hits No. 600

Personally, I don’t care one bit. Alex Rodriguez is a steroid user who loves himself, has terrible taste in women, and misses team photos. However, some of you may care and this took me all of 35 seconds to post. So here’s the video of A-Rod’s 600th career home run, courtesy of YouTube user Monisrocks1995:

Video Credit: YouTube user Monisrocks1995

The Real Reason Texas Traded Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Let’s be serious here. No team wants to trade the player with the longest last name in Major League Baseball history.  When a guy has that going for him, he’s going to be someone.  However, when he looks too much like your poster child, you have no choice but to unload him.  We all know the Texas Rangers and the media love Josh Hamilton.  The reason they got rid of Jarrod Saltalamacchia wasn’t to get two minor leaguers from the Red Sox, it was to make sure they avoid any confusion going forward.

Is it just me?  Look at the two pictures.  Trim Salty’s hair up a little and I’d say they’re pretty close to twins.  They couldn’t afford to keep him on their Major League roster in case anyone confused him for Hamilton and Hamilton became upset.  Texas is looking to make a playoff push this year.  They can’t have those types of distractions.  So there you have it.