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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Chris Bosh Curses the Boston Garden

I know it’s not the actual Garden anymore, but for the sake of simplicity, it’s the freaking Boston Garden. End of story. Anyway, Chris Bosh is one funny mofo as we’ve already shown here on the site. Apparently the crew at Jay Leno’s Show saw the hilarious Bosh video and realized he was a guy…Read More

Sonics Impersonator Gets Some Tail

Not that you didn’t already know it, but some people can be creepy. Really creepy. Take for instance Ronnie Craven. Mr. Craven has been professing to be one Jeff Turner, a former NBA player. I’ve never heard of Jeff Turner, and I’m guessing you haven’t either. I guess that’s what makes it perfect for Craven’s…Read More

Joe Dumars Thinks How a GM Should

The big news on Tuesday was the Pistons firing coach Flip Saunders. Unlike the shock when they fired Rick Carlisle, I would classify this move as a mild surprise. Think about it — the Pistons had peaked at the Conference Finals once again; there’s only so long you can be pleased with that type of…Read More

Grizzlies Owner Questioning Gasol Deal

I’m really struggling to comprehend why Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley would even make these comments. What happened when his GM approached him for final approval of the Gasol trade? “Hey boss, I got these suckers on the line, I’ve convinced them to send me a former #1 pick and two more 1st rounders, and all…Read More

Did No-Call End the Spurs’ Dynasty?

I’m not here to harp on the no-call at the end of Game 4 which resulted in the Lakers win over the Spurs. As I said in that post, the Spurs had 48 minutes of basketball to win the ballgame and ensure it didn’t come down to a last-second shot, much less a referee’s judgment…Read More

Jermaine O’Neal Expects to be Traded

There was a time when Jermaine O’Neal was a relevant name. He was one of the top big men in the league going 20 and 10 with regularity. Now, not so much. He’s had lots of knee injuries and really hasn’t done much in the last few years, with the Pacers following suit. Now O’Neal…Read More

Foul on Derek Fisher or No Foul?

I suppose another way of asking the same question is: should the refs be blowing the whistle that late in the game? In case you missed the close play or want to see it again, here it is, because it’s pretty clear there’s a lot of contact. That looks a lot like a foul, and…Read More

Joakim Noah, a Pot Smoker? Nawwww

I mean, come on, who would really believe that such a sweet, innocent child like Mr. Noah actually tokes herb? Back when he was negligent on his donut duties, I just chalked it up to rookie defiance. How silly of me. It just wasn’t my natural reaction to think a man who dresses like this…Read More

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