Tracy McGrady on Miami Heat Big Three: ‘I’m Jealous as S**t’

The NBA season has yet to even begin and everyone wants a piece of the Miami Heat.  Charles Barkley thinks the new Big Three are punks and it sounds like he wants a piece of them in the boxing ring.  LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh all got killed with their latest Q Score ratings of popularity among sports figures, reflecting the fact that people have already developed a burning hatred for the Heat and their new superstars.

Then there are those who actually want a piece of the Heat — as in, want to be a part of what they’ve got going.  Penny Hardaway made his best effort to get the Heat to notice him and bring him back in a limited role, to no avail.  Now, Tracy McGrady says he speaks for the rest of the league in saying he wishes he was given the same opportunity Miami’s Big Three have in front of them.

I am envious (of Miami’s Big Three). I’m jealous as s**t,” McGrady chuckled Tuesday morning before a Pistons workout. “I look at all the teams I’ve been on, and I never had a Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the same team. I’m jealous, but I’m happy for them. I hope they win 10 damn championships.”

Of course, McGrady hopes they start winning those “10 damn championships” after he retires and is no longer a Detroit Piston.  Or does he?  This is a perfect example of what we talked about with regard to the NBA trying to prevent players from calling the shots with trades.

It’s rumored that Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul want to join Amare Stoudemire to create the next Big Three with the Knicks.  Since the Celtics formed the Big Three of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen and won a championship right away, players are aware that it works.  They know teams can bring in three superstars and still finagle a way to make it work with the salary cap rules that are in place.  It’s the new fad across the NBA and everyone wants to be a part of it.

Dan Gilbert Takes Shots at LeBron on Twitter, Needs to Get Over It

Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert seems to find ways to make himself look increasingly immature by the day.  It’s been almost three months since LeBron James announced he was leaving Cleveland, but it’s obvious the Cavs owner hasn’t been able to get past it.  The letter he wrote to Cleveland Cavs fans was a childish move, but we could at least excuse it as something he did while furious in the heat of the moment.

Gilbert has now resorted to acting like a teenager and taking subtle shots at LeBron on Twitter.  Check out this ridiculous Tweet from his verified Twitter account:

Gilbert is probably reacting to LeBron’s claim that race played a role in the backlash he received after making his decision.  I guess he thought the best way to express himself would be to say things like “a-hole” and “b4.”  Fans can burn jerseys and create angry t-shirts because they’re fans and that’s what they do when they’re mad.  But if I were a Cavs fan I’d be just as worried about my owner being on full tilt as I was about losing my star player.

The season is getting closer and it’s obvious Gilbert can’t turn the page.  The franchise is going to have enough time recovering as it is after losing LeBron, let alone have to deal with an owner who can’t let it go.  If King James’ departure has left a permanent scar on the Cavs’ owner, they could end up being a franchise in ruin for longer than they anticipated.

Race Always a Factor, But LeBron James’ Decision Show Was Still Awful Idea

Anybody who does not think race is a factor in hatred for many people is disillusioned and out of touch with reality. Even if you personally don’t play race as a factor in your feelings and thoughts, you must recognize that many others do. Believe me, I used to get racially charged hate mail when I hosted my radio show and either spoke about race, or favorably about non-whites. As progressive as we fancy ourselves, there are still many people who lack the fairness and objectivity ideals.

Keeping that in mind, I will agree with LeBron James and his business manager Maverick Carter, who said on CNN that race was a factor in the negative backlash following his “The Decision” show to announce he was signing with the Miami Heat. However, race is only a small factor in the hatred following the show. The real reason for the negative sentiment was the incredulously self-serving nature of the show, the lack of taste in the concept, and the lack of regard for the hurt feelings of the spurned parties.

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Gilbert Arenas Has Changed from Agent Zero to Business Arenas

The Washington Wizards are trying to change their public image and a lot of it began with a fun start to the season. The franchise held a Midnight Madness practice for its fans at midnight and blew out the Patriot Center on George Mason University’s campus like a big-time college team. They had musical performers, introduced the players one by one, and then ran a typical practice. If you’re a hardcore fan, the event looked like a lot of fun. If you’re Gilbert Arenas, it was a nuisance.

Suspended last year for his gun incident, Gilbert Arenas was much different than usual. He was quiet at media day Monday, keeping his interview time short and his smiles to a limit. He was sporting a beard which was the product of a bet with Nick Young. The formerly gregarious superstar with one of the more charming personalities in the league has bottled himself up and decided to keep emotions to himself. After getting justifiably destroyed by the media for the gun incident and subsequent mocking, he’s a different man.

Not only does Arenas feel burned by the media because of his new bad boy image, but he also likely feels cast aside by his team. The former franchise player was introduced second-to-last by the Wizards at the Midnight Madness event; the top billing was reserved for top overall pick John Wall. Though the Wizards have been planning to move ahead with Wall as the face of the franchise, Gilbert still has a chance to win everyone back.

If Arenas returns to pre-knee injury form on the court, the adulation from the media and fans will return. After the knee injury, Arenas became too much talk. Now, he’s lost weight and is in his best physical condition in years. Let’s not close the book on Gil’s career just yet. And you know what, not only will the fans be back, but so will the smiles. After all, nobody likes Business Arenas. We want Agent Zero back.

Chris Bosh Looking for New Pregame Ritual Suggestions with Miami Heat

If the Miami Heat were the Three Tenors, LeBron James would be Luciano Pavarotti, Dwyane Wade would be Placido Domingo, and Chris Bosh would be The Other Guy.

Bosh was drafted by the Toronto Raptors and played seven season for their organization. Despite making the All-Star Game five years in a row, he has by far the lowest public profile of Miami’s Bermuda Triangle. After all, this is the same guy who filmed a used car salesman video to get into the All-Star Game.

To try and change that, CB4 used the summer free agent frenzy to build his persona. It appears to have worked, as Bosh’s twitter followers are just past a quarter million and many more fans know of him. Still, Bosh is looking for more ways to make himself more identifiable with fans.

LeBron James tosses up baby powder into the stands just before games and he used to goof around when he was with Cleveland. Although he was extraordinarily creative in the All-Star video using his humor and technological skills to separate himself from all other candidates, Bosh is looking for help to choreograph his pregame ritual. I have a few suggestions.

To me, the best ritual for Bosh would be in the LeBron mode. Instead of filling his hands with baby powder, Bosh should lotion up with some sunscreen at the scorers table as a nod to sunny South Beach. As a bonus, the team could easily find a sunscreen company to sponsor that item. If that’s a no-go because it’s a ripoff of LeBron, then maybe Bosh should break out his cowboy hat and do a lasso move before the game. That would definitely distinguish him, although it would be too disrespectful to the opponents. I’m in favor of the sunscreen idea, what about you?

Carmelo Anthony Rumored Trade Analysis

Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony wants out of Denver and has been pushing for a trade for the past few months. Multiple news outlets are reporting there is a four-way trade on the horizon that could send Melo to New Jersey. The teams involved in the potential trade include the Nuggets, Nets, Bobcats, and Jazz. Here is some analysis on the potential four-way deal.

Nets: Receive Carmelo Anthony, one of the top players in the league, and easily the centerpiece of the deal. Nets want him to agree to a contract extension before giving away assets to get him. He would team with Brook Lopez and prepare for the team’s eventual move to Brooklyn, New York. They would have to give up point guard Devin Harris, first-round pick Derrick Favors, and first-round picks in 2011 and 2012. It would be worthwhile — players like Melo are extremely difficult to come by. Thin at the point guard spot, the Nets also want D.J. Augustin from Charlotte but the Bobcats reportedly are reluctant to include him in the deal.

Nuggets: Get Derrick Favors from the Nets, Andrei Kirilenko from the Jazz, and first-round picks in 2011 and 2012. While AK47 has talent and is strong defensively, he is injured frequently and is limited offensively. Favors was selected highly but I didn’t see enough out of him in college to believe he’ll be much of an offensive force in the pros. He could be a good rebounder and defensive player. This trade would be the beginning of the end of Denver’s successful run.

Bobcats: They would receive PG Devin Harris from New Jersey and give up Boris Diaw. Charlotte fans would have to love the dynamic scoring ability Harris could bring to the club. They’d be reluctant to part with Augustin, but he doesn’t stack up well with Harris who is a superior player. Still, the two-for-one might be more than Charlotte wants to surrender for an injury prone point guard. If Augustin were included in a trade, they would probably receive a trade exception because the salaries don’t match up.

Jazz: They wouldn’t have to pay the final year of AK47′s monster deal in which he receives $17 million. In exchange, they get Boris Diaw and the $18 million he is owed the next two years. Quinton Ross has been mentioned as a throw-in from the Nets, although he could also go to Denver.

Bynum Will Miss Start of Training Camp Because He Couldn’t Miss World Cup

Surprise, surprise.  Lakers center Andrew Bynum has made a poor decision regarding an injury.  The same Bynum who was partying at the Playboy Mansion with Playmates on his shoulders while rehabbing his knee last year is going to miss the start of Lakers training camp.  Why?  Because he didn’t want to be uncomfortable watching the World Cup in South Africa and vacationing in Europe, of course.

Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register reports, via Pro Basketball Talk, that Bynum opted to push back the date of his off-season knee surgery after the Lakers won the NBA Finals.  Just like he pushed it back so he could play in the playoffs, he pushed it back again so he could play on vacation.

Bynum put off having off-season surgery on his right knee so he could play – and we’re not talking about playing basketball. He could’ve repaired the knee immediately after last season, but he postponed it to travel – to see the soccer World Cup in South Africa and then vacation in Europe, as he had the previous summer.

Bynum didn’t want to be on crutches, which would’ve diminished all that fun stuff or required rescheduling. He even had the knee drained, just as he did repeatedly with much ado in the playoffs to keep playing, so he could keep pivoting around reasonably well as a sightseer.

Sounds like a player who finally has his priorities in line, doesn’t it?  The fact that this is a recurring theme for the big man has to be a concern for the Lakers.  You would think that a player with an elaborate injury history like Bynum’s — at such a young age — would take surgeries and rehab a bit more seriously.  Maybe that’s just the effect two championship rings can have on a 22-year-old.