Blake Bortles’ girlfriend Lindsey Duke dominating in her bikini again

Lindsey Duke bikini

Lindsey Duke, American hero and girlfriend of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles, has once again decided to flex her Instagram muscle.

Duke was over at a place called Chases in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and she generously shared some pictures on Instagram of her experience.

If there’s an award for best use of an Instagram account, Duke would have to be declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Below are more pictures of Lindsey Duke rocking it bikini style.

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Floyd Mayweather’s newest girlfriend Liza Hernandez is Jerry Buss’ ex

Floyd Mayweather Liza Hernandez

Floyd Mayweather Jr. maintains a heavy stable of girlfriends and is not shy about that fact.

The world champion boxer has espoused his views on polygamy and said he believes a man should be allowed to have as many girlfriends as he can afford. It’s that womanizing lifestyle that led his ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson, to leave him. But Floyd wasted little time moving on, and the latest addition to his rotation is quite a notable one.

Though Doralie Medina aka “Bad Medina” still appears to be Floyd’s No. 1 girlfriend, another girl surging up the charts is a woman named Liza Hernandez.

Hernandez used to be one of former Lakers owner Jerry Buss’ most prominent girlfriends. She also has a long list of celebrities and athletes (mostly Lakers) with whom she’s been linked.

Hernandez made Floyd her “Man Crush Monday” this week, and Floyd returned the favor by making her his “Woman Crush Wednesday.”

Floyd even tagged Hernandez in a video three weeks ago implying that he may have bought a Bugatti for three women — Hernandez, Medina and one of his baby mamas, Melissia.

As far as we can tell, Hernandez has been part of “The Money Team” since at least last month.

Here they were on a jet in a picture Floyd’s daughter shared on July 12:

She was in another picture with The Money Team in New York a few days later. And just a few days ago she was photographed having dinner with Floyd’s daughter.

As mentioned, Hernandez had a very strong relationship with Jerry Buss. Head to Page 2 to see more about her relationship with Buss.

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Kate Upton goes gaga after boyfriend Justin Verlander tosses her souvenir ball (GIF)

The lovely Kate Upton took in Monday’s Yankees-Tigers game at Yankee Stadium and received a nice souvenir from a special friend.

Upton’s boyfriend Justin Verlander wasn’t pitching during the game, so he had some time to flirt with his girlfriend, who was sitting in the premium seats behind the dugout.

You can see Upton mouth something to Verlander to the effect of “I was here the whole time.”

Verlander then flips her a ball that seems to have a message written on it, because Katie cakes reads it and then makes a gaga face before giving her boyfriend a heart symbol with her hands. How cute. It’s just like watching a couple of middle schoolers.

Look at this face:

Kate Upton Justin Verlander

Everything Verlander knows about tossing girls balls during games he learned from Alex Rodriguez.

GIF via @cjzero

Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky always seem happy (Pictures)


Dustin Johnson announced on Thursday that he is taking a leave of absence from golf, which came as a shock to most who have followed him this season. Johnson has seven top-10 finishes on the PGA Tour in 2014 and has played well in majors, finishing 4th at the US Open and 12th at The Open Championship earlier this month.

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In addition to his performance on the course, Johnson always seems to be killing it in his personal life. We know people use social media to mask their problems, but Johnson and his fiancee Paulina Gretzky are constantly looked at with envy. The photo you see above was posted on Johnson’s Instagram earlier this month. Here are some others:

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Did Dustin Johnson pull out of tourney to hang with Paulina Gretzky?


Dustin Johnson announced earlier this week that he will not be competing in the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio. Johnson, who ranks No. 16 in the World Golf Rankings, cited a personal reason for withdrawing. Did hanging out with his lovely fiancee Paulina Gretzky have anything to do with it?

Shortly before Johnson pulled out of the Bridgestone, Gretzky posted the photo you see above on Instagram. She later deleted the picture, but the Huffington Post noted that it was captioned as follows.

“Best Caddy Ever. @djohnsonpga”

Maybe it was a coincidence. The photo could have been taken a long time ago, or Johnson could have been spending time with his soon-to-be-wife. Just because he withdrew from a tournament for personal reasons doesn’t mean those personal reasons prevent him from hanging out with Paulina.

If you want to know why Dustin is drinking in any waking moment he has with his woman, just see the photo gallery below.

UPDATE: Dustin Johnson has reportedly been suspended for six months for testing positive for cocaine. Full story here.

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Matthew Stafford girlfriend Kelly Hall is still dancing (Video)

Kelly-Hall-dancingIf you have followed LBS for at least the past year or so, you probably know by now that we have a thing for Matthew Stafford’s girl. I would imagine there are very few who don’t have a thing for miss Kelly Hall, and the videos she posted on Instagram this week are a prime example of why.

Hall was “bored” and dealing with a power outage on Tuesday, so she decided to post some footage from what looked like an awesome 4th of July party. The first included some of KB Hall’s patented dance moves, while the second showed her lip-syncing to dance party favorite “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

While I still think Kelly’s “drunk modeling” in Costa Rica involved more skill, I always applaud the effort. Never change, KB.

Derek Jeter’s girlfriend Hannah Davis racks up screen time with Jeter family

Derek Jeter girlfriend Hannah Davis

Derek Jeter’s family was front-and-center throughout FOX’s telecast of the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, which was to be expected. But who knew that Jeter’s girlfriend, model Hannah Davis, would also get plenty of love from the cameras?

Jeter is playing the last season of his career and made the All-Star Game for the 14th and final time. From the pregame show to the introductions to his first at-bat to the time he exited the game before the start of the fourth inning, Jeter was the focus of the Mid-Summer Classic. At many points throughout the telecast, his family was shown. You could see Jeter’s parents — Charles and Dorothy — in nearly every shot. Jeter’s sister, Sharlee, was also in most shots. Her son Jalen was also at the game and is seen being held by his grandfather in the above photo.

Of course your attention probably was directed to the young lady all the way at the left. That’s Davis, who you probably know from the SI Swimsuit Edition. And if you don’t recognize her from that, you probably know her as the DirecTV Genie.

Jeter and Davis first began dating in the summer of 2012, supposedly. There were some rumors last year that the two were engaged after Davis was spotted with a big ring on her finger, but that turned out to be a bunch of nonsense. There were some rumors that they broke up in February, but if that report was true, it was short-lived; they quickly got back together.

Things have become pretty serious between them ever since. Jetes had dinner with Davis’ family at the beginning of the season, and Hannah has been attending many of his games — both at home and on the road.

Clearly she didn’t want to miss his big All-Star sendoff.

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Jeter notoriously remained single throughout his playing career so he could focus on his job and play the field without repercussion. Now that retirement is looming, he might want to settle down. Davis could end up being the one with whom he chooses to start a family.


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