Diana Taurasi Tests Positive for Banned Substance, Lab in Question

Geno Auriemma said he wanted more coverage of UConn and women’s basketball in general. Diana Taurasi has done her part to ensure the team stays in the headlines. The former Huskies star, who also has a DUI to her name, tested positive for a banned substance while playing in a Turkish league.

Taurasi’s agent says it wasn’t a steroid or recreational drug that caused the positive test, but rather a stimulant. He says he wants the “B” sample to be tested as well. Ben York at Slam Online points out that the Turkish lab that did the testing has a questionable history, suggesting Taurasi shouldn’t be crucified yet.

In 2009, the lab in Ankara, Turkey was suspended by WADA for three months for not meeting quality standards. It’s hard to pass judgments on the matter until we know more information, but given each party’s history, it’s easy to side with either one.

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  • Anonymous

    This stimulant ban is nuts. All because a fat pitcher named Belcher and korey stringer showed up to camp way out of shape, dehydrated themselves in a desperate attempt to lose weight and went all out in the heat.

    Morons will point out that there are fewer deaths now that ephedra is banned…hardly, there are fewer deaths now that teams and players are more careful and responsible