Jack Nicholson Trades Laker Gold for Bruin Blue

What would Laker fans have to say about one of their most high profile, not to mention devoted, fans jumps ship over to the college game? That’s right, Jack Nicholson broke out the big guns and stepped into Pauley Pavilion Thursday night to take in the clash between #3 UCLA and #7 Stanford. As you could imagine, Jack was rooting for the good guys (and wore neutral colors, unlike Eva Longoria in Utah), even getting pretty pumped up when Russell Westbrook came flying in to putback a miss and pull the Bruins within a point of Stanford at 60-59:

You know what, I do have to admit, it is pretty cool to have Jack show up courtside to take in a game. May I speak on behalf of Bruins fans when I say we welcome you with open arms. Oh yeah, and congrats to UCLA for winning their third straight Pac-10 regular season title. That’s pretty impressive.

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  • Sahn

    I believe you forgot to mention….howland is the 2nd coach in ucla history to win 3 consecutive pac-10 titles. only other person is the wizard himself…

  • JS

    Yes, three conference championships is very impressive and with an 18 game round robin there is no need for a conference tourney other than money.

    Jack must spread the wealth, he’s also been seen on the other side of town.

  • http://mona-whatswrong.blogspot.com/ bruinmom

    It’s nice to see Jack on the bandwagon. Too bad he wasn’t on when you and Brandon were at UCLA. Oh well, better late than never, eh?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    JS, was he rooting for USC too? So does that mean he’s been double-timing both teams?

  • JS


    Jack has endowed scholarships at both schools and was at the USC-Texas Rose Bowl Game.