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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Steve Lavin Forgos the Hair Gel

I was utterly stunned when I saw this. Stunned. You know those pick up the phone moments they talk about? You know, when your team hits a game-winning three pointer at the buzzer and you gotta share the moment with friends? That was my reaction to seeing the mop-topped Lavin lose the grease on his melon. I went whooping through the halls of work to spread the news. Though I wasn’t able to grab a screen cap since I was at work, I am happy to say that The Sporting Blog did the leg work for me. We can thank them for enriching our lives. As well as Steve Lavin’s hairstylist.

Note to Steve: We are not making fun of your looks — you are quite telegenic. It’s just startling to see the change in style. It’s like looking up on TV to see that Warren Sapp has lost 75 pounds; it’s a must-see because you’re so used to something else.

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