Which Was Worse: Kyle Singler Flop, or Dick Vitale Coverup?

Duke suffered its first loss of the season Wednesday night, a 66-61 defeat at Florida State. The Noles held Duke to 31% shooting, though Kyle Singler led the Blue Devils with 20 points thanks to five threes. The game was close with about nine minutes left when Singler flopped, as is the Duke way. This thing was so bad it made Kaka angry, but I can’t figure out if Dick Vitale’s inability to see reality is worse than Singler’s fake job. What do you think?

They don’t call him Dukie-V for nothing. That’s disgraceful.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYKE2N753CIKQPPS6UWJ63OXCY OC

    YOu gotta link the full-speed version which makes it even more obvious. Slow mo it almost looks like a push. Almost.
    My son and I hunkered down for Dickie’s cover up before it came. We saw the play, and laughed and readied for the Dickie V explanation. And chuckles the whole time.
    God bless ESPN for extending his contract thru 2015.

  • http://twitter.com/mrdavidpayne David Payne

    there were also 2 “fouls” from the 3 point line that were blantent flops… one from Dawkins and maybe one from Singler.. I cant remember… but it was pinful to watch.. i alsmost feel embarrassed for the duke palyers having been coached to play that way… its sad

  • Anonymous

    Legit call all the way. Fla st basketball players are known for their strong fingers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OVKRGEO6JEWTF5XQD2AYXBOSMM mike

    Good thing the FSU guy didn’t pass gas or Singler’d have skidded across the floor…

  • Anonymous

    Hard to tell from that angle. Of course, EVERYONE knows that the best place from which to call a game is in front of the TV screen. ::sigh::

  • Anonymous

    Hard to tell from that angle. Of course, EVERYONE knows that the best place to call a game is from in front of the TV screen. ::sigh::