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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Auburn fan reportedly punched for yelling ‘War Eagle’ in a Whataburger

Nothing good can ever come of being inside a fast food restaurant after midnight. Typically the patrons are either drunk and should be confined to the safety of their homes and/or hungry and about to strap on a feed bag before going to sleep and not digesting any of what they ate. Either that or you work the night shift and are eating dinner, and if that’s the case that still sucks. Those reasons among others likely led to an Auburn fan reportedly being punched for yelling “War Eagle” inside a Whataburger restaurant over the weekend.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, a police report from Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in Florida says an argument broke out between a man standing in line at a local Whataburger and two strangers after the man was “repeatedly chanting ‘War Eagle.'” The two strangers then each punched the victim in the eye. The victim returned a punch before the assailants fled on foot.

On their way out, one of the assailants reportedly hit another man in the face who was the brother of a woman who was with the first victim. Guilty by association, I guess.

Is it safe to assume the two men who threw the initial punches are Alabama fans? Based on some of the antics we’ve seen in the past, a fight over a “War Eagle” chant inside a fast food restaurant is not exactly shocking.

H/T War Blogle via Eye on College Football

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