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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Center Barrett Jones shoves AJ McCarron (Video)

Alabama was up 42-14 in the fourth quarter of the BCS National Championship Game against Notre Dame, but that doesn’t mean they were satisfied.

Quarterback A.J. McCarron and center Barrett Jones had a miscommunication on a second-and-six situation and ended up taking a delay of game penalty. McCarron was stomping around trying to get Jones to snap him the ball, but the center never hiked it. A steamed McCarron tried to take a timeout, and he was shoved in the chest by Jones.

The two Bama players, who are roommates, remained in each others’ faces for a few seconds before breaking it up.

Someone should have reminded them they were up 42-14 at that point. That was easily the hardest hit McCarron took on the night.

Up 42-14 with six minutes left and they’re still playing like the game is on the line? Who says this team doesn’t take on the characteristics of Nick Saban?

According to ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, this sort of thing isn’t unusual for Alabama. Apparently McCarron and Jones get into it frequently during practice and other situations. The root is both players trying to direct the offense and call plays at the same time, and both players thinking they know more than the other.

The two later made up by the team’s bench and were seen sharing a hug with a few minutes left in the game:

barrett jones aj mccarron make up

Jones, who played through a Lisfranc foot injury, explained the situation after the game.

“We’re both perfectionists. He’s an emotional guy, and we had a snap count difference. I was right, but whatever, it doesn’t matter. We love each other — that’s just how we are if you don’t know us,” Jones said.

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