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Friday, May 25, 2018

BCS Bowl Game Projections: Auburn and Oregon to Meet in Championship Game

The main matchup is set: Auburn and Oregon will meet in the National Championship Game on January 10th in Glendale, Arizona. Oregon beat rival Oregon State to remain undefeated at 12-0 while Auburn won the SEC Championship Game against South Carolina to improve to 13-0. While that is the marquee matchup, there are also several other outstanding bowl games. Here’s what Larry Brown Sports is projecting for the BCS bowl games:

National Championship Game (Jan. 10th, Glendale, Az): Auburn vs. Oregon
Rose Bowl (Jan. 1st, Pasadena, CA): Wisconsin vs. TCU
Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 1st, Glendale, AZ): Oklahoma vs. UConn
Orange Bowl (Jan. 3rd, Miami, FL): Virginia Tech vs. Stanford
Sugar Bowl (Jan. 4th, New Orleans, LA): Arkansas vs. Ohio State

Almost all the spots are locked in based on conference assignments. The only spots available for at-large selections are two for the Sugar Bowl, and one each for the Fiesta Bowl and Orange Bowl. Because SEC champ Auburn is in the National Championship Game, they will still want to take an SEC team for the game. 10-2 Arkansas is the easy choice — they’ve had a great season and they have some of the most rabid fans in the country. Not only do they get a replacement team for losing Auburn, but they also get the first at-large selection and will likely use it on Ohio State, another powerful team with a huge fan base.

The Orange Bowl gets the next choice and they will choose between Stanford and Big East winner UConn. While the trip down the coast is easier for UConn fans, it’s still a long distance for either group to travel. Stanford has an 11-1 team and is ranked 4th in the BCS. A game between the Cardinal and Virginia Tech will be more compelling, plus all the wealthy Stanford alums might be eager to make the trip to Miami. They could go either way but we’re now thinking it will be Stanford.

Whichever team is not selected by the Orange Bowl will face Big 12 winner Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Once again, TCU is locked into the Rose Bowl because of a new BCS provision. Most of the matchups are already set, so the one real decision is for the Orange Bowl: Stanford or UConn.

Photo Credit: Steve Dykes/Getty Images

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