Fans Threaten Tebow with Death

Such is the life when you’re quite the prominent athletic figure, playing in a conference full of rabid fans. But what happens when said fans obtain your phone number? The answer: bedlam ensues.

Tim Tebow said the calls and messages began arriving last Tuesday, but he didn’t answer any of the calls. By the end of the week, the calls and messages had become overwhelming.

Some of the messages sent to the former Nease High School standout’s cell phone threatened bodily harm and even death, Tebow’s father, Bob, told the Times-Union on Tuesday.

Shame on you, LSU fans. Why does everything always have to come down to Teabagging those jean short wearing fans? Why can’t you just be more civil like those Florida fans?

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  • http://www.morecredible.net More Credible

    That’s pretty despicable. I would never want to threaten anyone with death, especially over something as meaningless as a sporting event. Does it effect my day whether we win or lose? Of course…

    But does that mean I’m going to call opposing players/fans/coaches and wish death upon them? Hell no. Shame on Baton Rouge.

    I don’t wish fucking hurricanes upon your state.

  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Don’t they know Jesus has Tebow’s back? They really should chill out.

  • http://thewestcoastbiasblog.blogspot.com/ Joey

    I guess he lost a bet.