Irony: SMU Spends Millions on Facilities Upgrades the Week Miami is Busted

SMU has spent nearly $3 million on stadium improvements and facilities upgrades that are nearing completion, the school says. According to The Dallas Morning News, “the renovations include a new team meeting room with stadium-style seating as well as renovated positional meeting rooms. Changes to the locker room included the creation of a new team lounge, as well as new lockers, updated graphic and audio/visual equipment.”

The money for the project came from donations from program boosters. What I don’t understand is how people can’t question where the money is coming from and why it’s being used for those purposes. Are you really telling me that SMU needs its locker room to look like the Crazy Horse Too? That’s why people donate millions to the program? Money shouldn’t be used for those purposes.

SMU is the same program that got the death penalty in the 80s for their rampant violations. This doesn’t mean that rules are being broken, but my point is that the same people willing to pay $1 million for the program to have new audio/video equipment would probably be willing to pay recruits/players to make them happy. Honestly, how far away are we from people wanting stripper poles in their luxury box? In light of what happened with Miami, this sort of behavior is dangerous — especially at a school with SMU’s history.

Thanks to Lost Lettermen for the tip

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  • Anonymous

    is that the foodcourt at the mall?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Really? You must shop at some upscale malls, Spin

  • Alexander Riley

    Larry Brown, the only thing I like about this article regarding SMU updating their facility is your hidden accusal of Booster are paying players like in the 80’s. Which is interesting since you didn’t say a word about the Pay for Play Newton. Please keep your hidden accusal to yourself.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I didn’t? Please keep your ill-informed comments to yourself