Johnny Manziel: Heisman Trophy picture is a Photoshop job

Johnny Manziel Heisman Trophy blunt

The picture seen above of Johnny Manziel kissing his Heisman Trophy while the stiff arm is supposedly holding a blunt has been circulating on the ‘net, but the Texas A&M quarterback says it’s a fake.

The Manziel photo was first posted by Outkick the Coverage on Monday. Clay Travis, who posted the photo, knew it would go viral, so he asked Texas A&M for a comment. He hasn’t received a response from the school, but the QB did address the picture:

The photo being taken on 4/20, which is essentially a national holiday for pot smokers, led Travis to believe it was legitimate, though he did allow for the possibility that it was a fake. Manziel was also in his hometown of Kerrville, Texas, over the weekend, and he had his trophy out for pictures.

Manziel was part of a photo controversy earlier this offseason when he was seen with a Texas Longhorns tattoo on his torso, which was later determined to be a Henna tattoo.

So, are you buying Manziel’s explanation, or do you think the photo is real?

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  • MikeJ97

    Hmmm… either a Photoshop or a blunt. We have people bombing one another, entire towns wiped out by tragedy, and this is the best we can come up with? Leave the poor kid alone.

  • blankname

    he was doing blow in cabo so doesnt surprise me

  • blankname

    after all the blow he did in cabo I wouldnt doubt it

  • SherylSimpson

    Whether it’s real or not (aren’t there ways of definitively ascertaining that…?), lil Johnny Scramble sure likes to make an easy target of himself. My advice to him: Stay in, stay sober and give up the obsession with photographically recording your every moment of youthful (if not drunken) exuberance. You are where you are because you are part of a TEAM–focus on the collective…be a leader…put what’s best for your team before yourself. That is what a LEADER does.