Pictures: Mark Sanchez Wears Colorado Gear on Sidelines at Buffs Game

Trojan fans won’t be too happy to hear about their Rose Bowl winning quarterback decked out in another school’s gear this past weekend. Mark Sanchez made his way to Boulder and was spotted by TV cameras on the sidelines for the CU/Colorado State game Sunday. His choice of apparel was quite surprising:


Since I was at work while the game was being played, I had the TV on mute and only caught the last few seconds of the explanation for Sanchez’s presence. From what I could gather, he was there supporting a friend of his. Whatever the reason, it’s quite a shocker to see him decked out in a school’s gear other than his own. I could understand a had or just a shirt maybe, but the whole package? That’s a little much. Maybe the whole rift with Pete Carroll still has some sting.

Thanks to the CMSB for the clearer picture

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  • JS

    Maybe Mark is a CU grad assistant in his spare time.

    And there’s no rift with Pete Carroll, as the two flew out together for Ryan Davidson’s funeral a month later. In fact, Mark did him a favor in that Carroll didn’t have to redshirt new golden boy Matt Barkley, which then made an easy recruitment of Jesse Scroggins. Evidently, Scroggins and his family weren’t deterred by Pete’s tizzy in January.

  • SpinMax

    Perhaps Sanchez is one of many players who don’t love the university they went to, but just
    went there because it ws the best opportunity to them for football.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I dunno, but something about the whole situation just doesn’t seem right.