Saban vs. Petrino: Worst Game Ever?

This morning on the radio, my man Chris Moore made mention of Saban and Petrino when discussing Rich Rodriguez leaving West Virginia for Michigan. When the two coach against each other in the SEC for an Alabama/Arkansas game, for whom do you root? In other words, could Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide taking on Bobby Petrino’s Arkansas Razorbacks be the worst game ever? That got me thinking (which is a dangerous thing, I admit it), has there ever been a game with two bigger villains pitted against each other? Could you imagine the type of hype surrounding the game when these teams meet?

I’m trying to consider what I would do when those teams play. Perhaps a 0-0 tie would be in order. Apart from Bama and Arkansas fans, is there any sports person in the country that actually wants to see either of those coaches succeed after their shenanigans? I can’t remember a match up of two worse villains recently, so I’m going to go ahead and say this would be the worst game ever. Maybe you can come up with a worse scenario that I could be forgetting. Until then, I’m going Petrino vs. Saban. That’s hard to beat.

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  • Gene

    No contest! Petrino is in a class by himself:

    1. Interviews for the Auburn job when Tuberville had not yet been fired.

    2. Signs ten year extension with Louisville and leaves before coaching his first game under the new deal.

    3. Leaves the Falcons during the season and signs with Arkansas on the same day.

    Saban left LSU for the Dolphins and then went to Alabama, which isn’t a great record, to be sure. However, he did not leave during a season and he may not have misled sportswriters about the Alabama job. If I remember correctly, he turned the job down and the Crimson Tide offered the job to, ironically, Rich Rodriguez. When he said no, Alabama made a much more generous second offer to Saban. I believe Saban said that he would not be the Alabama coach during that period after he turned the job down and it was in play and offered to Rodriguez.

    I’m not a Saban apologist, he is an unsavory dude. It’s just that Petrino is in a class by himself.

  • http://obscuresportsquarterly.wordpress.com Gilbert

    Easy — root for the team having the worst season. That way, neither of them get into a national championship, BCS game or the SEC title game.

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    Petrino is worse because he did not bother to finish the season. IT would be akin to a QB on a losing team faking an injury

  • SpinMax

    Rory Sabbatini in a final pairing with Colin Montgomery?

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