Surprise! Rich Rodriguez Breaks NCAA Practice Rules at Michigan

Utah Michigan FootballWhat else can we add to the resume of Rich Rodriguez? Recruiting and playing badboys Pacman Jones and Chris Henry — check. Recruiting a known drug dealer to play quarterback — check. Breaking NCAA practice rules? Check.

Players on the 2008 and 2009 teams described training and practice sessions that far exceeded limits set by the NCAA, which governs college athletics.

The players say they routinely are required to work out or practice many more hours throughout the year than the NCAA allows. They also say members of Rodriguez’s staff have broken rules by monitoring off-season scrimmages.

Hmm, how was it that Rich Rodriguez had a leg up on the competition when he was at West Virginia? Pretty easy if you’re spending about two-three times the amount of time with the team than the NCAA allows, especially if most programs are coming closer to the limit (I’m guessing most push and surpass the limit, but not by this amount). Actually the veteran players say the team followed the rules under Lloyd Carr. Student-athlete my butt — Rich Rod’s there for one reason — to run the football team at professional standards. Michigan sold its soul to the Rod and now they’ll likely pay the punishment price.

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  • SpinMax

    They might have to forfeit the 4 games they win this year!

  • Gene

    It is actually sad to see a great historical program brought down by this outlaw coach. I guess the administration and alumni decided desperate measures were needed in order to beat Jim Tressel and Ohio State. But should they have been this desperate?

  • SpinMax

    Was just perusing a couple Mich msg boards I sometimes harass. These are people who don’t like bringing in RichRod and preferred a ‘michigan man’ to run the program.

    Having said that, they are, in mass, coming to RichRod’s defense, saying it’s all made up, saying it’s good that they’re working them harder, saying the local press should never investigate their own teams, etc. bit of a surprise to me.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    We’ll see how made up things are when the NCAA comes in and penalizes them after speaking with the players. There’s no way around that. Funny thing is all the extra practice didn’t seem to help too much last year.

  • PB

    Seriously? You actually believe everything you read? There are so many loopholes in the reporting. The article in the Detroit Free Press that broke this talked to players who transferred out, graduated, and current players. The transfers out (Trent & Taylor) were not complaining, neither were the incoming freshmen. It makes sense that transfers were complaining. Some of the comments were “it seems like” and they even said the coaches said it was “voluntary” for the workouts. Let’s see what the investigation turns up. The AD has already put the compliance task force on it. My guess is that if they find a violation, it will be minor.

    If you read up on the rules, a lot of things don’t count in the 20 hours of practice per week. The student’s typically do much more on their own, and not just at Michigan. Look at Chad Henne’s comments recently. I’ll be very surprised if major violations are found. Dinners (mentioned by one person) and rehab time (again, mentioned) are not part of the 20 hours. Any lifting and working out over 8 hours per week out of season is also voluntary. Sure sounds like a bunch of sour grapes to me.

    On the Feagin issue, how can you even say “a known drug dealer”? He had a couple traffic stops and that was it on his record in Florida. No record on drugs. None. Zip. Nada. How could Rich Rod even know that was the case? As soon as he found out about this one, he kicked him off the team. Yeah, he loves dealing with cons.

    Please. There may or may not be something here, but get off the witchhunt.

  • ron

    This is what happens when the biggies get greedy,I could care less about the university they knew how ROD was!I feel for the innocet players that will get punished for the coaching staff doing something real stupid!

  • http://realfakesports.blogspot.com RFS

    PB – I agree with you. The players interviewed seemed disgruntled already. Maybe taking a cheap shot at the program that pissed them off?

  • PB

    An update on this whole thing – in Rod’s presser Monday, he had two freshman (Stokes & Hawthorne, most likely) come and ask what they did wrong. They were not complaining, nor do they think any rules were violated. There was even a report of parents defending their kids saying their words were taken out of context and misquoted. This is going to be a major downfall for the Free Press that reported this story.

    I’ve even heard of advertisers debating whether or not they pull funds from the paper due to the lack of homework done before reporting this article. From the media reaction, sports world reaction, and other things happening in my neck of the world (live near Ann Arbor) along with other players and family reactions, this story is beginning to stink more and more.

    Believe all the lies you want. The truth will come out.