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Friday, April 20, 2018

Tom Osborne … ‘Crusty Old ***’

Some student at Nebraska has a genius idea to write a book chronicling the downfall of Cornhusker football (this kid is definitely headed for the big time). In the book, the student relies heavily on a former football trainer as his source of information. The source, as you could imagine, was fired by Bill Callahan. Anyway, in the book, it says Callahan allegedly referred to Tom Osborne as a “Crusty Old ***.”

I’m sure you can fill in the blanks there. Is Callahan that far off base here? Seriously, Osborne has to be what, like 70 now? Dude could probably start digging himself a grave alongside Al Davis — the corpse. Bottom line, Nebraska is a mess and they’re not going anywhere with Callahan as head coach, nor ye olde man as AD. But Callahan sure as hell has a death wish to call Osborne such a name. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Billy Boy fired before long.

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