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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

West Virginia Giving Free Drink Coupons to Designated Drivers

This year West Virginia became the 36th D-I school to serve beer at its football games. Through two games they’ve sold over $281,000 worth of beer. But West Virginia wants you to know they’re not just about getting bombed and watching football. Oh no, they want to remind you that they’re focused on promoting responsible drinking.

West Virginia has had a policy in effect since the start of the season that rewards people who sign up as designated drivers with a coupon for a free soda. Don’t you just love the way that works? Darren Rovell mentioned the nugget Wednesday and it fits in with the Mountaneers’ new image-conscious attitude.

You have to love their approach: We want you to line our pockets while getting hammered at our game, just do it with somebody else driving.

But West Virginia hasn’t stopped there when it comes to cleaning up their image.

During a recent game, a fan was shown on TV wearing a “West F***in Virginia” shirt. The University deemed that embarrassing, so now they’re asking fans not to wear the shirts to an upcoming game against LSU. Additionally, they’re offering $20 vouchers to people who turn in the shirts. Don’t worry West Virginia, what’s written on the front of your shirt does not reveal the true content of your character. The lack of interest from expanding conferences does.

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