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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fan Complains that Home Team Had Unfair Advantage Because of Crowd Noise

Old Dominion beat Norfolk State 35-18 Saturday in the first round of the FCS playoffs. One Norfolk State fan is upset with the loss and actually complained that ODU had an unfair advantage because of their crowd noise.

Here is the letter to the editor published in The Virginian-Pilot this week:

What went into the record books as a win was really a sham and a disgrace to competitive college sports. This game was equivalent to two boxers competing in the ring with one of them blindfolded. On nearly every offensive play by Norfolk State, the crowd noise was so high that it drowned out the play-calling. The team simply couldn’t hear the plays. This was not the case when Old Dominion had the ball. You could hear a pin drop when they were on offense. This partisan behavior by ODU fans was reprehensible by design and should be considered a shameful act to control the outcome. The results should be thrown out due to unsportsmanlike conduct by the fans.

Gary Anthony

Bro, you must be new to football. I don’t even know where to begin with this. How do you even broach the subject with someone who doesn’t understand the role of the fans in games? I think Mr. Anthony just got a first-hand lesson of what a good homefield advantage is. Let’s hope he never ends up at the Superdome for a Saints game, or in Seattle for a Seahawks game.

Thanks to SI Hot Clicks for the fantastic link.

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