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Saturday, June 23, 2018

New Zealand All Blacks Ad Urges Fans to Avoid Sex During Rugby World Cup (Video)

For whatever reason, playing sports and having sex have been connected countless times in the past.  Certain coaches have claimed it weakens legs and should be avoided before a big game.  Some people believe sex helps relieve tension before a stressful event so it can be a useful tool.

Russell Martin says he was once injured while getting it on. The Beijing Olympic committee knew doing the dirty was inevitable in the Olympic Village, so they provided the necessary resources for athletes to remain safe.  Ray Edwards partially credited abstinence for helping him win his boxing debut. Contemplating the effects of sex makes sense from a competitor’s standpoint, but why should fans abstain?

The television ad company Telecom Corp. in New Zealand seems to think practicing abstinence is a great way to show your support for the New Zealand All Blacks during the Rugby World Cup.  The video rallying for fans to avoid temptation features former Rugby player Sean Fitzpatrick.  Check out the strange rally cry, courtesy of Off the Bench:

If fans adhere to the message, they’ll be taking a slightly different approach to supporting their team than these female Rays fans.  I guess the point is refraining from sexual activity would show that you are completely focused, but I don’t really see the connection.  It sounds like they’re taking the concept of “sex sells” and stretching it a bit.  In any event, the commercial is entertainingly weird.

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