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Monday, May 21, 2018

New Zealand Brothels Stocking up for Rugby World Cup

New Zealand is hosting the Rugby World Cup beginning Friday, September 9th-October 23rd. The country has been preparing for the influx of tourists, and one of the industries bracing for a boost in business is prostitution. The good thing about prostitution in New Zealand is that it’s completely legal. The bad news is that the country may not have enough supplies (read: women) to satisfy all the horny men.

Brothels preach safe sex and have doubled their condom orders. One brothel operator says they have condoms stacked from the floor to the ceiling of their warehouse.

“It’s going to be very busy, tens of thousands of visitors, they will predominantly be men and many of them will be looking for some type of sexual activity whilst they are here,” brothel operator Mary Brennan told AFP.

She says the English are particularly deviant and that her brothel already has bookings from South Africa, England, Ireland and Canada. Hmm, a bunch of dudes who love to watch guys run around on a field and slam into each other? Should we be surprised that they’re planning to hit up prostitutes while they’re supporting their country?

This reminds me of the Olympics in Vancouver where they required an emergency supply of condoms. Let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen here.

Thanks to Sports by Brooks Live for the story

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